[INTERVIEW] Kim Jae Joong Opens Up Amazing Memories & Realizations While Filming “Travel Buddies 2”

Kim jae joong

Kim Jae Joong expressed his experiences and excitement through Travel Buddies 2 as he celebrates TVXQ’s 17th anniversary

Travel Buddy is an entertainment show starring Kim Jae Joong. In the first season, he traveled to Argentina to feature the country’s charms and to also find a “companion.”

On May 13, Lifetime Channel TV released the second season of Travel Buddies. In this season, Kim Jae Joong travels all around Korea with his “buddies,” highlighting its culture.

For TVXQ’s 17th anniversary, Kim Jae Joong features in an interview for the latest episode, “Get Together.”

On traveling through Travel Buddies

When Travel Buddies offered him the position, Jae Joong didn’t think of the weight of a solo entertainment. He expressed, “I wanted to do anything if I could show myself at all. I was able to try various things that I had never done before. I have now the courage and confidence to travel alone.”

Exploring overseas countries is an exciting experience for him. Now that the second season features Korea, he said it also has good destinations. Kim Jae Joong recommended Ganghwa and Jeonju. 

As a famous Korean idol, he struggles with traveling and going outside without being recognized. Since Jae Joong become part of Travel Buddies, he expressed his gratitude for having freedom. 

He disclosed, “I tried to find freedom and joy closer. I was busy with work, and when I had time, I tried to have fun with my family and acquaintances.”

“I went abroad a lot, but I went to work, and I felt like I was always trapped because I watched and enjoyed it in a limited place. Thanks to Travel Buddies 2, I was able to see, feel and experience as much as I wanted,” he added.

On staying in Travel Buddies season 3

In filming the second season, Kim Jae Joong describes the travel as “Corona City.” Even though the production team needs to follow protocols, they didn’t find any complications.

Although their trip is exciting, Kim Jae Joong regrets not seeing the smiles of the residents under the mask. 

The idol became attached to the program. When asked about Jae Joong’s thoughts about season 3, he said, he’ll gladly participate.

“Thank you for planning such a program, and I’m happy to get a good opportunity. If Season 3 produces, I want to participate,” he said. “If possible, I want to go to Mongolia.”

As an all-around idol, Kim Jae Joong is still open to accepting entertainment shows. He balances on providing entertainment and music to his fans.

On celebrating TVXQ’s 17th anniversary

Since his debut in 2004, the idol understands and reflects himself through Travel Buddies. “What I felt as I experienced many hardships and gained experiences is that the most precious thing is people.” 

He continued, “I want to cherish people and spend time with them. I think we should continue to agonize over how to create something that we can all laugh at.”

During his trip with the show, Kim Jae Joong went to his hometown. He realizes how time passes by and hopes for the present to go slower.

As 17 years passed by, he wants to focus on the present and forget the past. Now that he is in his mid-thirties, he wants to prioritize his health.

He expressed, “I’m not as healthy as before. I like spicy food, but I once went to the emergency room because of eating it.”

Kim Jae Joong also advises the viewers, “Health is so important, and I hope everyone takes care of their health.”

Visualizing himself as a 40-year-old, he voices out, “At that time, I think I’m dreaming of a life that develops and grows on my own. No big change has been made. I don’t think anything is deterring me from making some changes just because I’m old.”

Join Kim Jae Joong in Travel Buddies 2 as his “buddy” every Thursday on Lifetime Channel TV. 

Source: Sports Donga

Photos: Lifetime Channel

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