INTERVIEW: Lim Ji Yeon Recounts Preparations For Her Stellar Portrayal In “The Glory”

Proving her impeccable versatility as an actress, Lim Ji Yeon secured another remarkable character in The Glory Part 2.

Lim Ji Yeon who portrayed Park Yeon-jin expressed happiness as the hate she got proved she succeeded in her villain rendition.

In an arranged interview by Netflix, the actress shared her feelings about the end of The Glory.

Conveying her happiness, she also admits feeling sad now that the series has ended. She also relays the kind of energy she poured into The Glory Part 2.

“This is a work and a character that challenged me with great courage. I feel proud that I have succeeded so much because I have melted well in the work and people hate and dislike me.”

Recalling the time she first read the script, she revealed her desire to be on board the project.

“I fell in love with the script. Even if it wasn’t Yeonjin, I think I would have participated in the work even if it was a different role. I was very greedy. I was just analyzing it, but when I saw it, it was strange. From those evil deeds and the things, Dong-eun went through. Understanding Dong-eun’s thirst for revenge was inevitable. I felt bad about what she suffered.”

Regarding Shin Ye Eun, who played her young version, Lim hopes she meets her in person if given a chance. “I am grateful that our young versions did well. I like to say thank you and tell her that she did a good job,” she revealed modestly.

With regard to her working relationship with Song Hye Kyo, the actress thanks and praise her. She also reveals that she meets with her co-stars when they have time. Attesting their chemistry, she said that in filming they talk about acting and enjoy each other’s jokes. They also talk a lot about God.

“Song Hye Kyo unni accepted everything. There were times when uncalculated actions went out. I was so sorry, but she accepts as it can happen normally. We also meet a lot when there is a chance.”

Going candid, Lim was asked what she was like when she was studying. She reveals she’s totally different from Yeon-jin.

“I had been preparing for acting since I was young, to the extent that I can’t remember. I only had good memories from my school days. I liked being class president or doing a talent show.”

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On Challenging The Role of Yeon-jin

When asked about the part she focused on in creating Park Yeon-jin, Lim Ji Yeon shared her creative process.

“The whole thing was calculated. First, I wrote what I am good at. I have a lopsided smile and a big mouth, so I made use of that. It was a good call for me. I also paid attention to how I laugh, swear and even smoke. Yeon-jin is different when she swears with friends and when she swears at Dong-eun.”

Confessing the difficulty filming the prison scene, which is Yeon-jin’s last scene, Lim Ji Yeon relayed her thoughts.

“The prison scene was difficult. As an actress, I had affection for the character I was playing, so seeing Yeon-jin collapse completely at the end, I thought it was natural, but as an actress, I felt mixed emotions. I cried a lot while filming that scene. After filming that, I felt very empty. I went to the set every time with a glamorous and downward-looking gaze, but for the first time, I felt that my relationship with people was changing, so I collapsed a lot.”

Taking pride in how she brought to life Yeon-jin, Lim Ji Yeon was proud of her bravery.

“I tried my best with a desperate heart. I thought it was an opportunity that would never come again. Yeon-jin is the first villain I took, so it was such a big task that I wondered if I am equipped to do so. It was a work that made me think that I am the kind of person who can take on such a courageous challenge.”

Modest and grateful she credits her accumulated acting experience for giving the best possible picture for Yeon-jin.

“I think I was able to receive this kind of praise now because my filmography has accumulated over the years. So, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I always worked hard so I can grow. Even now, I aspire to develop in the future.”

Smartly responding if she felt pressured that her role as Yeon-jin can’t be surpassed anymore, the actress goals to live an acting life where she tries on various roles.

“Yeon-jin is so intense, I’m trying to get rid of the idea that I have to do something to make Yeon-jin forget. If I do my best in the work I want to do, I try not to worry about it because I think I can go in that direction.”

Meanwhile, the Netflix series The Glory depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood and the desperate revenge she has prepared meticulously throughout her life. Part 1 was released on December 30 last year, and Part 2 was released on March 10.

Photos: Netflix

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