K-Drama First Look: “The King’s Affection” Portends A Tragically Forced Life Hopeful To Heal Through Love Warmth

The King’s Affection revokes a dynamic history while also heralding the beginning of new stories for its grand premiere!

With the goal of defining love in a variety of ways, the series is off to a promising start in terms of foreshadowing a plot and well-developed characters.

The narrative captures viewers’ attention within its first week with the heart-wrenching backstory of a disguised Crown Prince and the people around her.

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The King’s Affection Opening Week Story

“Who will accept the prince that shared a womb with a girl?”

Being born a prince of whom shared a womb with a girl, has been a source of conflict among the royal court because delivering twins is forbidden. It leads to the King to issue an order for the execution of the newly born princess and all those at the royal maternity directorate, as no one can survive to tell the tale.

Hence, the crown princess was filled with remorse upon learning of her own daughter’s terrible fate. That is why she considered injecting something to temporarily cease her child from breathing before she could escape the palace alive.

Years later, the king’s eldest grandson grew tremendously ill and, in a strange twist of destiny, the crown princess’ child who left the palace returned and became a court maid.

“I had no family to begin with, so I do not know what being lonely is or what missing someone is like. I guess that’s why I’ve never resented them.”

Dam-i, who serves as a court maid inside the palace, crosses paths with prince Yi Hwi. Conversing with her mother, prince Yi Hwi expressed how fascinating it was to encounter someone who resembled him. Horrified by what she heard, she immediately reprimanded her child to disregard bringing the subject up again.

Afterwards, the crown princess met with her daughter, whom she had sent away for her own safety. With a shaky voice and trembling heart, she wondered if Dam-i had ever resented those who brought her into the world. Dam-i clearly asserted that she has no grudge against them, considering being used to a solitude life.

“It is only fair that I apologize to whoever deserves my apology when I’m at fault. No matter what my title may be.”

After switching places once more with prince Yi Hwi, who went to see his master, Dam-i was bound to stay in his position permanently because of the tragic occurrence that had begotten on the prince.

Dam-i frequently felt anxious about adjusting to life as a disguised prince, and she was given a tonic to help her restore her strength. However, when the herbal drink spilled from her hand accidently, she admitted that it was her fault.

When the crown princess visited the prince’s chamber and discovered what had transpired, she advised Yi Hwi to never apologize to anyone, as that is what it means to be the prince. On the contrary, Dam-i emphasized that this was not the kind of life she desired. Apologizing to someone who deserves an apology is only fair, regardless of their title.

“I will not be able to forgive anyone now.”

Witnessing  the death of I-wol, a friend of Dam-i while she worked as a court maid, and learning the truth about his brother’s death, Dam-i tearfully runs away in hiding.

She also felt pressured by everyone around her. Eventually, it took a toll on her pushing Dam-i’s turning point in establishing a cold demeanor as Prince Yi Hwi, vowing that she will never be able to forgive anyone again.

After 10 years, Prince Yi Hwi (Park Eun Bin), who succeeded in concealing her secret, developed an arrogant countenance. Meanwhile, Jung Ji-un (Kim Rowoon) has progressed into a physician who specializes in skin care and also saves lives.

The King’s Affection Opening Week Musings

Delineating a solid backstory, The King’s Affection heralds poignant moments to Prince Yi Hwi’s journey.

What I enjoy the most about the first two episodes of The King’s Affection is how brilliantly the twin’s mother depicted her character when she demonstrated her love for her children to the point of being unable to suffer the death of either of them.

Additionally, she conveyed sympathy for Dam-i as she navigated the difficult path to become a court maid at the palace. Likewise, I was engrossed by the child actor’s portrayal of young Prince Yi Hwi; the emotions are perfectly presented when she met such a tragic fate.

I especially like the moment in which Ji-un transcribes the book for Dam-i and adds footnotes. This demonstrates how Jung Ji-un became friends with Dam-i, given that she lives alone and is without family. This also marks the start of their friendship, since Ji-un waited patiently for her at the bridge.

The King's Affection


Watch as Crown Prince Yi Hwi gets entangled in her fate with Ji-un in the latest episodes of The King’s Affection on Netflix!

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