“Police University” Flaunts Unique Recent Poster

Police University

KBS2’s Police University unveils teasers of Cha Tae Hyun, Jung Jin Young, Jung Soo Jung, and other casts of the series. 

Upcoming Monday and Tuesday drama dropped a unique poster for Police University. This August 9, the audience can take a look at how the world of police students works.

Police University tells the story of the two completely opposite men. Yoo Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun) is an experienced university professor and detective. He shows his passion for his profession by catching and punishing criminals. 

On the other hand, Kang Sun Ho (Jung Jin Young), a hacker-turned-criminal student, uses his intelligence to crack everything. 

Yoo Dong Man and Kang Sun Ho met at the Police University, they team up and investigate a case. The two will showcase their charisma and chemistry by solving problems.

Recently, KBS2 showcases the passionate and quirky professors and students. The released poster is similar to a graduation album and criminal record. 

In addition, the poster includes shoe and tire print, bloodstains, and police tape to add elements of the drama genre. The inspired mug shots of the cast also display on the poster.

LOOK: The fierce and charming characters 

First off, Cha Tae Hyun shows up with his detective uniform and confident aura. Jung Jin Young gushes fierce and handsome visuals on his uniform. Besides the two lead casts, Jung Soo Jung beams a girl crush and empowered appearance. 

Filling the supporting role is Lee Jong Hyuk as Kwan Hyeok Pil. He is known as a big “leader” with a strong smile from Seosanghak Station.

In his photo, he features his smiling and warm appearance. Lee Jong Hyuk also made notable appearances on Descendants Of The Sun and Dating Agency: Cyrano.

Apart from them, Hong Soo Hyun adds mysteries and curiosity as Choi Hee Soo. Even though Hee Soo shows her strong appearance as a judo professor, she unveils her sad story.

The actress is known for her lead performance in Mad Dog, Rich Family’s Son, and The Princess’ Man

Furthermore, Song Jin Woo (Mr. Sunshine, Doom At Your Service) expresses powerful character as Park Cheol Jin. The actor transforms into the head of the life guidance department. 

Lastly, the sultry and arrogant Baek Hee is performed by Seo Ye Hwa. Baek Hee is also the head of the police academy’s guidance department. 

Seo Ye Hwa’s acting performance also completes amazing series. She appeared on Vicenzo, Extracullicular, and Age of Youth 2

Meanwhile, three freshmen of Korean National Police University draws attention from the posters. Lee Dal (Hospital Playlist, Welcome to Waikiki)  performs No Beom Tae and Yoo Joung Jae (Mr. Queen) as Jo Joon Wook. 

Additionally, Choo Young Woo (You Make Me Dance) transforms as Park Min Kyu. The three rising actors expect to add visuals and give light-heartening scenes.

Police University replaces the slot of the ongoing series, At A Distance Spring Is Green. Join the cast in solving cases on August 9 at 9:30 PM KST. Catch it on August 10 on Viu. 

Source: News1.kr

Photos: KBS Drama


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