K-Drama Review: “Big Mouth” Confronts the Fatalistic Reality of Seeking Justice

big mouth

In a society where human life is disregarded, Big Mouth examines the justifiable means of punishing the greedy.

Power and money have great influence in disguising selfish goals for society’s betterment. With lives sacrificed for such goals, the series mounts an icon sprinkled with wit and humor to fight for the powerless.

  • Main Cast: Lee Jong Suk | Im Yoon Ah | Kim Joo Heon
  • Supporting Cast: Yang Kyung Won | Kwak Dong Yeon | Ok Ja Yeon | Oh Eui Shik | Yang Hyung Wook
  • Streaming Site: Disney+
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  • Kdramas of Similar Vibe: Mouse | Defendant | One Ordinary Day | Whisper

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Big Mouth

Big Mouth Finale Highlights

“The sun will rise tomorrow. When it sets, it’ll get dark, and nothing will change.”

Chang-ho participates in the debate, and as planned, the moderator tries to cut him off even when his allotted time is not yet fully consumed. Attacking Chang-ho with the cryptocurrency fraud case, Mayor Choi challenges Chang-ho to withdraw from the election if the allegations are true.

Raiding the fish farm, Mi-ho finds the chief inside, and tricks him by using bottled water in confessing the connection of NK Chemical to the fish farm.

Although he was being refrained from bringing up a topic, Chang-ho continues to talk live about NK Chemical’s relation to the number of cancer patients in Gucheon.

Meanwhile, Mi-ho films a video confession from the fish farm chief stating that the farm was a facade to discharge NK Chemical’s wastewater with radiation.

Preferring to proceed to the TV station instead of the police station, Chae-bong dispatches checkpoints to catch Mi-ho and Jerry. On the other hand, Soon-tae through Yoon-gab secures Mi-ho and Jerry with a police escort.

Using a member from big mouse’s organization, Soon-tae requests for the ally producer to allow Mi-ho to be a citizen participant in the debate.

Casting the perpetrator of the cryptocurrency fraud, Chang-ho gets urged to withdraw from the mayoral race. Arriving at the studio, Mi-ho states her case as a citizen participant while exposing NK Chemical through revealing her condition and the video confession from the fish farm.

big mouth

“The law was made to save people. But you don’t need the law.”

Meeting at Chang-ho’s first law office, Mi-ho and Chang-ho tear up talking about their remaining time left together. 

Summoned to the prosecutor’s office, people gather urging Mayor Choi to withdraw. Unfazed by the issues, Mayor Choi feels confident about the turnout of the interrogation with Prosecutor Choi. 

Setting a new trap, Chang-ho frees Joo-hee who is willing to take the punishment for Mayor Choi. 

Failed to be arrested, Mayor Choi becomes the leading candidate and pledges to punish the management of NK Chemical. In a close fight, Chang-ho loses the mayoral race.

Gathered together after the elections, Mi-ho receives a parcel from Joo-hee containing the mayor’s burner phone. Speaking on the phone, Joo-hee agrees to testify in the mayor’s trial.

At the trial, Joo-hee fails to testify in court as she is stuck in a mental institution. Mr. Cha claims his ownership of the submitted burner phone, so the trial concludes with Mayor Choi judged not guilty.

Fainting in court, Mi-ho is rushed to the hospital where she later passes away.

Back to his usual diving hobby, Mayor Choi remains guiltless and coughs up blood as Chang-ho informs him that the pool contains contaminated water.

Freed from the institution, Joo-hee testifies in court about the relation between NF9 and cancer patients in Gucheon.  Perpetrators of Professor Seo’s murder receive a sentence in prison, and Ji-hoon becomes president of Woojeong group. Orphanages receive anonymous donations. 

Driving into the tunnel, Chang-ho recalls Mi-ho’s request of becoming a good ‘big mouse’.

big mouth

Big Mouth Quick Plot Recap

A lawyer with a low winning rate, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong Suk) takes on a murder case of a doctor at Gucheon University Hospital. Already entangled in the case, he gets into an accident where he goes into prison and becomes framed as the iconic criminal called ‘big mouse’.

Worried about her husband, Chang-ho’s wife Ko Mi-ho (Im Yoon Ah) transfers to work at Gucheon University Hospital where she searches for crucial information in proving her husband’s innocence.

Surviving his life in prison, Chang-ho works his way to prove his innocence and expose the truth behind the anomalies in Gucheon which has Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo Heon), also a member of the NR forum, as its present mayor.

Big Mouth Series Peak Points

Dynamic Characters with Secret Revelations

Characters in the series show notable changes throughout the plot’s progression. Every character holds key information in unveiling the main source of the issue in Gucheon.

There would be characters who would appear to be righteous at first, but turn out to be different from their initial state. Moreover, it’s fascinating to watch Chang-ho have enemies that become his allies, and allies that turn out to be enemies, especially during his time in prison. 

big mouth

Captivating Plot Direction

For a drama plot that deals with corruption and pursues justice, the tone set is appealing through the infusion of wit and humor. At first, the plot was focused on finding who ‘big mouse’ is. 

Brewing in the background, the next major focal point is figuring out the mystery behind the cancer patients in Gucheon. Connecting all the characters’ stories, viewers get to complete the puzzle of Gucheon’s problem. 

big mouth

Portrayal of Society Forsaken for Economic Growth

Later in the series, economic development has been emphasized by Chairman Kang and Mayor Choi. At first, the plot may have appeared to follow a linear story about corruption.

However, Big Mouth presents a deeper connection among various organizations in creating a negative impact on innocent citizens. 

Critiquing the consequences of rapid development in society, the series conveys a strong message about the health risks it brings to people while demanding accountability from its key figures.

big mouth

Big Mouth Series Musings

Although tackling a heavy topic, the series feels refreshing given the impressive acting skills and appealing visuals. The character delivery of the lead stars and the supporting cast have contributed to making the drama entertaining. 

In addition to that, the plot where viewers could deduce the hints in every episode was enjoyable. It all started with a murder, but other issues came out also in the process. At first, I thought narcotics were the series’ target, but the message on the risks of prioritizing rapid development was clearer in the later parts.

big mouth

Going beyond the issue of corruption, boosting the economy at the cost of human lives poses a greater evil as presented in the series. It somehow evokes a reflective attitude on the benefits and devastating consequences of shielding corporations like NK Chemical that contribute to the growth of the economy.

Sweeping the damages and the lives that have been disregarded, a lot of corrupted organizations are shown to be interconnected to NK Chemical, which includes the healthcare system, judiciary, politicians, and many more.

For a group like the NR forum to exist, the powerful take advantage of the weak, and victims like Chang-ho and Mi-ho strive to bring reform to the despairing reality. 

big mouth

Using Power for a Good Cause

Choi Do-ha and No Park may be judged to have the same reason for rising into power, and that is revenge. Be it entering politics or forming a vigilante organization, using inhumane methods dissolves one’s purpose of acquiring power.

The ending of Big Mouth did not sugarcoat the reality of defeating evil through purely legitimate means. Mi-ho still passed away, and Chang-ho continued running big mouse’s organization.  

Somehow, the black and white scenes by the end could be interpreted in a variety of ways relating to how justice is served and how Chang-ho will live afterward. However, the message is clear, and that is to utilize power to help the weak.

big mouth

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