K-Drama Review: “Rookie Cops” Raves On The Message Of Always Choosing The Right & Cherishing Genuine Friendship

rookie cops

A charming treat for a campus youth drama, Rookie Cops knows how to appreciate friendship while learning valuable life experiences.

Knowing the right time to energize the story, the series is such a breezy watch. Despite the faint drawbacks, it has made sure to avoid run-the-mill problems typical of school-set series.

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Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops Episodes 13 to 16 Recap

Seung-hyun and Eun-kang inadvertently make a wrong choice when the latter suggested giving the laptop to Commissioner Wi. Bound to protect Han-sol, Wi Gi-yong gave the evidence laptop to him.

Learning the unimaginable acts his father did Seung-hyun wallows in disappointment. His emotions and mental strength hit rock bottom as he processed how his father is behind the cold death of his best friend’s brother.

It turns out that Commissioner Wi was left with no choice but to turn a blind eye to Jo Han-sol’s crimes. Reminded by his former superior that corruption will never cease in the police organization, he relented against his will.

However, he can’t make himself reveal the truth, inevitably driving a wedge to his son and Tak’s friendship. Tak decides to quit school and move back to Gimhae. Dragging her despondent boyfriend to where Tak is, the two went for a genuine talk.

Seung-hyun is relieved to hear from his friend that he does not blame him. He also empathizes with how Tak can’t go to school because it brings back the memories of his brother.

Ordering his secretary to monitor the movements of the KNPU students, Secretary Shin tried to coax Han-na to spy on her friends. Dae-il who knows Han-na’s financial problems decides to ease her load and takes on a part-time job as a hired driver during weekends.

Rookie Cops

An Unexpected Goodbye

Unfortunately, the driver he got is a member of the Sinyu Club, a group of high-ranking police officials who are connected with Han-sol. Unable to disregard the sound of crime from the place after getting paid, he stumbles on old men assaulting and disrespecting the women entertainers.

After securing evidence, he was found out by Secretary Shin. Chased by Han-sol’s minions, the car he drives ends up falling down to a nearby sea.

Dae-il’s passing convenes the friends to send him off. After his burial, Han-na finds a video Dae-il posted on his SNS. Secretary Shin reports to Han-sol that Han-na will be giving her answer soon.

Upon learning the cause of Dae-il’s death, A-ri and Ju-young propose to report to the police. However, Seung-hyun briefs them of Han-sol’s power over the police. He also confides in his father’s secret which led to Tak’s quitting.

Bringing their discovery to Professor Cha, the group got impatient for still not receiving news from their teacher. Hence, they make a move to push the video so the public can be aware of it.

The move, unfortunately, gave a chance for Han-sol to use his secretary as his scapegoat. Going for a long shot, the rookie cops track one of the girls in the video that Detective Kang realized to be friends with Mi-jin.

Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops’ Goals To Fulfill Dae-il’s Wish

The friends head to Professor Cha who promises to look into how they can proceed without telling the police. Seung-hyun suggests revealing the evil deeds of Han-sol and Sinyu Club which his friends all agree.

Devising a plan to infiltrate the villain’s lair, Han-na uses her recent offer to help execute the plan. Eun-kang also poses as the escort service lady and confronts Han-sol.

Against Han-sol’s hired bouncers, Seung-hyun, Tak, Bum-ju, A-ri and Ju-young bravely put up a fight. Meanwhile, Han-na and Eun-kang struggle to subdue the rich psychopath even with Seung-hyun coming to their aid.

Han-sol tries to escape but Tak hinders it and was later helped by Seung-hyun. Fortunately, Commissioner Wi arrives with his men to finally put the evil Han-sol in jail.

Rookie Cops

Rookie Cops Plot Recap

With different reasons for entering Korean National Police University (KNPU), eight rookie students form a circle of friendship. Some even become secret couples too. From there, they brave choices, learn lessons and obtain significant life experiences.

Rookie Cops Peak Points

Consistent Sprinkle of Humor

While Rookie Cops thrives on a safe-narrative side, it interestingly does not yield plenty of frustrating moments. Generously providing mirthful scenes also contributed to its weak plot conflict.

Much praise is to be given to the main cast for syncing well in delivering the adorable and hilarious scenes.

Shining Moments for Each Character

Distinctly delineating each character’s charm, Rookie Cops was quite ambitious, to be honest. Impressively, incorporating what the production initially promised, it presented an overview of the campus life of freshmen police students.

Along the way, the series intersperses stories of the main cast acquainting viewers with every character. Adding to that are engaging young love stories and inspiring pictures of friendships shared by the main cast.

Rookie Cops Series Musings

Tidily executed, what Rookie Cops lack in terms of story depth strangely worked to keep the steady appeal of the story. It was not overachieving nor bland. It was “just right” for a school-youth-themed story.

Palpably visible is how the synergy of the main cast made the narrative successful in rendering a familiar friendship mood that viewers can resonate with.

Portrayal-wise the blending of young actors with experiences and without was nicely cushioned. There were surely opportunities to polish the emotions in some of the scenes that have significant weight in the story.

But it was noticeable how the direction didn’t force the issue and maximize the strengths of the drama. That being said, the final sprint for the rookie cops confronting a police operation to capture the story’s antagonist, appeared as a rightful moment to cap off the story.

Leaving lessons, especially for young people set to join the real world, Rookie Cops emphasizes how opting for honorable choices becomes harder when confronted with difficult dilemmas. Thus, it is important to stay grounded and firm with that principle.

This scenario was drawn in a contemplative comparison between Wi Seung-hyun and Wi Gi-yong. The older Wi ended up on the wrong choice, eventually, a ripple of more problems ensued. Whereas Seung-hyun, courageously selected the righteous path.

Displaying a few notable lessons on friendship, the bromance between Tak and Seung-hyun stood out. Theirs was a respectful brotherhood worth emulating.

Eunkang, Seunghyun, Tak, Yoona, Ari, Bumju, Dae-il and Ju-young splendidly carried a friendship story reminiscent of college circles. A kind of circle that yields lifetime friendship.

Celebrate being young in the campus life of aspiring police officers in Rookie Cops.

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