K-Movie Couch Spotlight: #ALIVE Nudges Viewers On Keeping Strong Mental Health & Sharpening Survival Skills


Simply narrated with steady thrill, #ALIVE surprisingly left meaningful awareness people should be reminded of!

I am also quite a bit surprise on the realizations I got after watching #ALIVE starring Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye. Raking impressive numbers when it hit domestic box office, the film made its global release on Netflix on September 8. Needless to say, its trending presence on the platform’s global viewership numbers is justifiable.

#ALIVE is a survival thriller film of people isolated in an apartment building without any means of digital communication. The survivors are in the brink of danger after a cryptic monster outbreak ensued to terrorize them.

Moving on a straightforward plot, what makes #ALIVE such a great treat is its parade of reminders we can all learn from. Interestingly, it also alludes to our common homebound stress induced by the pandemic situation.

Reconciling how a thriller film equated to a trove of life lessons seem unlikely to happen. But yes, it definitely did to me – who knows it will also do the same to you.


Never neglect basic survival skills

Apart from the satisfying closure, the movie pushed me to include additional item on my bucket list. That is to work on my survival skills, because hey in case there’s a real survival of the fittest game, I don’t want to get eliminated first. *wink

In the movie, the main characters show how they relied on their different skills to outsmart the infected people. While Ju-on (Yoo Ah In), a virtual experienced gamer rely on technology; Yu-bin (Park Shin Hye) utilized her old school knowledge to survive her predicament.

The age of technology warrants us of the speed and convenience of knowing the channel we can depend on in times of emergency situation. However, being equipped with long-established knowledge might save the day for us. Make sure you know your technology to live efficiently, but you also know how to survive without it.

Invest on Emergency Food Storage

#ALIVE presented the main leads struggle for food and drink sustenance while awaiting to be rescued.

Out of fear of being hungry, I have listened to this useful counsel for as long as I remember. It does not hurt stashing food for emergency, you’ll never know when you would suddenly need it.

Strengthen Your Mental Health

Your staunch fortitude can go a long way in face of hopeless situations and never ending problems. To keep you sane, start on personal projects and activities that will help you destress.

Engage in a hobby like how Park Shin Hye eased her situation by still taking care of a plant. You can also log your thoughts like how Yoo Ah In created a video journal expressing his bottled emotions.


Strive for a healthy virtual and live connections to people

If we have time to update our SNS everyday with myriad of photos from our activities, that goes to say how we can also send private messages to our friends and loved ones. Building and keeping purposeful connections might not be what you need at the moment, but its relevance might come handy in the future.

The characters of Park Shin Hye and Yoo Ah In never met while living in the same apartment complex. But, Yu-bin managed to thwart Ju-on’s suicide plan by talking him out of it. It was further revealed that Yu-bin has also gone through the same scenario.

Sometimes the most effective way to unload emotional baggage is to talk to someone and not let the burnout consume our system.

Create small and big victories every day

We are free to define the simple and hard-earned joy we wish to celebrate each day. In case an abrupt change of routine happen, at least you had lived your life fully.

#ALIVE left a ruminative nudge for us to whet on ideas that would benefit us in the long run. Cease to be idle by learning useful skills to fortify your mind and body. Don’t procrastinate basic chores like grocery shopping by thriving on your gadget-focused world.


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