Check your bucket list for K-Dramas, C-Dramas and other Asian Dramas you might have missed, but should have watched!

Here is the list of my team’s collated reviews of Chinese dramas and films as well as other Asian dramas and movies. Note that the list includes what we intend to review, and to keep our sanity we pick our drama battles, some stories tested our patience, or don’t have a legit streaming platform. Thus, we can’t cover.

Kindly note that I follow a January to November drama calendar with all dramas ending before the year ends included in the roster.

As always, this page will be updated when I get to finish the new C-Dramas on my schedule. I have included some reviews from my old WordPress abbyinhallyuland blog. As my focus before was with Korean dramas and films, my team will trace back contemporary C-Dramas that have already been completed while covering the currently airing ones.

*Some of abbyinhallyuland’s reviews are not yet published on this new site and this page is still being updated.



You Are My Glory

Forever and Ever

Falling Into Your Smile

Our Secret

Unforgettable Love

Unrequited Love

Dt.Appledog’s Time