“Frankly Speaking” Flaunts Main Poster Featuring Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Frankly Speaking confirmed its first broadcast on May 1, and released the main poster featuring its lead stars.

Frankly Speaking tells the story of wayward announcer, Song Ki-baek, whose life turns upside down when he meets passionate entertainment writer On Woo-joo.

Go Kyung Pyo plays the role of Ultra FM announcer Song Ki-baek, and Kang Han Na portrays On Woo-joo, an entertainment writer with 12 years of experience who depends on viewership ratings.

Ki-baek suffered an electric shock and was no longer able to lie. Woo Joo was inspired to become a ‘new world of entertainment’ and took an interest in Ki-Baek’s unfiltered and harsh language. From there, the twists and turns in their lives unfold.

The released main poster contains their interesting situation and the beginning of the narrative. Ki-baek’s hair, which was once straight without a single tangle, is a total mess, and the announcer, whose main job is speaking, has a post-it note covering his lips. Woo-joo’s face, clutching his tie, is filled with bright joy, just like Columbus did when he discovered the New World.

This raises curiosity about whether Ki-baek who only focused on news intending to become the main news anchor of a broadcasting company will be able to shake off Woo-joo in the entertainment world.

Another point that raises expectations is whether a romance can bloom between them. If romantic language flows without a secret from the mouth of Kibaek, who cannot lie or hide his true feelings, a premonition arises that there is a high possibility that Woo-joo will be disarmed by Ki-baek with his unprecedented honesty.

Frankly Speaking premieres on May 1 on JTBC!

Source: joynews24

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