“Lies Hidden In My Garden” Previews The Character of Kim Tae Hee

Character stills of Kim Tae Hee who is challenging the thriller genre for the first time in Lies Hidden In My Garden are unveiled!

Lies Hidden In My Garden is a suspenseful family thriller about two women living completely different lives. Their fates tangle due to a suspicious smell coming from a backyard.

Directed by Jung Ji-hyun (Search WWW, Twenty Five Twenty One), the drama establishes its premise with the single line: “I smell something suspicious in the backyard“.

The series stars Kim Tae Hee, Lim Ji Yeon, Kim Sung Oh and Choi Jae Rim. It is slated on ENA’s Monday-Tuesday spot in June.

“Lies Hidden In My Garden” Lays Out Intriguing Poster

Lies Hidden in My Garden poster kdramadiary

In the drama, Kim Tae Hee plays Joo-ran who notices a strange smell in her backyard at her own house. She lives in a picturesque house with a yard envied by everyone. But she is disturbed by the strange smell in the backyard.

Lim Ji Yeon, who plays the role of Sang-eun, a victim of domestic violence who dreams of escaping from an unfortunate reality, drew attention by intensely portraying the repressed desire to escape from a life full of affliction.

Correspondingly, in the unveiled teasers, Kim Tae Hee is seen boasting a graceful and feminine figure everyone longs for. She also lives in a sophisticated and luxurious country house worth envying.

However, Joo-ran’s reality is different. Her anxiety-ridden expression hints at her worrisome struggles.

Expounding on her story, the production team praised the actress for committing to her role as Joo-ran.

“Kim Tae Hee realized not only the external beauty of the character Joo-ran, but also the complex emotions such as the character’s inner anxiety and confusion. In addition, she captured the delicate and intense acting so that viewers could immerse into the “corpse smell” premise which initiated the story’s mystery. If you look closely on Kim Tae-hee’s nose and her swaying eyes, you will be able to feel the thrill she’s having at that moment.”

Lies Hidden In My Garden will be available on June 19th on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA.

Source: JTBC News

Photos: Studio Genie

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