“Numbers” Parades Lead Stars In Striking Character Posters


Hyping up the anticipating viewers, Numbers presents its main characters in tantalizing teasers!

Numbers presents an office drama featuring a high school graduate accountant who fights against the absurdities of a giant accounting firm.

Realizing justice in a way that is unlikely for an accountant; Numbers explores the world of accounting firms and accountants, foreshadowing the birth of a drama that will provide a riveting adventure.

“Numbers” Introduces Maverick Accountant Kim Myung Soo

Through the story of accountants who analyzes the risk and power of numbers, it is expected to provide both thrilling tension and an exhilarating story.

Accordingly, the perfect synergy created by characters with unusual narratives such as Kim Myung Soo (Infinite L), Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Min Soo, and Yeon Woo is also considered a point of observation that should not be missed.

Correspondingly, the posters recently unveiled vaunt the charismatic characters that will create exceptional chemistry in the story.

First of all, Kim Myung Soo embodies confidence and passion as Jang Ho-woo, a high school graduate who becomes an accountant and proudly enters the top accounting firm in Korea. is full of confidence and passion from the look in his eyes.

Transforming into an ambitious new accountant, his extraordinary determination amplifies curiosity about what his goal is at Taeil Accounting Corporation.

Next, Choi Jin Hyuk plays the role of Han Seung-jo, the only son of Taeil Accounting Firm’s vice president Han Je-gyun. His impressive specs coming from a good family, excellent background and admirable character spell an attractive character. Han Seung-jo has a style that doesn’t care about others, but will never forgive anyone who crosses the lines he has drawn.

In the published poster, Choi Jin Hyuk completes a three-dimensional character by adding his own color to Han Seung-jo’s charm. It further enhances his confident charm as the poster says: “I am confident that I will not stand in the shadow of my father or get involved.”

Choi Min Soo, who plays the role of Taeil Accounting Corporation’s vice president and Han Seung-jo’s father, Han Je-gyun, exudes unrivaled charisma. As a person who leads to noblesse oblige, his benevolence can be seen in his expression with a light smile, but his intense eyes staring at the camera fully radiate an unapproachable aura.

The text on his poster says: “Welcome to Taeil Accounting Firm“. Amidst the subtle harmony of his benevolent smile and fiercely intense eyes make Choi Min-soo’s performance is more anticipated through Numbers.

Meanwhile, Yeonwoo plays the cute and lovely accountant Jin Yuna, who knows that numbers are scary but doesn’t know that the world is scarier. You can get a glimpse of Yuna’s bright and positive personality. In her poster it says, “It’s hard to survive here if you don’t have self-esteem.”

Alluding to her charming personality and impressive working style, Yuna is primed to present an engrossing chemistry with Jang Ho-woo.

Lastly, Kim Yu-ri, who is staring at the camera with a poker face while wearing an intense red suit, plays the role of Jang Ji-soo, a Hong Kong private equity fund manager and former lover of Han Seung-jo.

The cold eyes and expressions that do not reveal emotions show her character called the ‘black witch’ in one shot, while the phrase “Jang Ji-soo at that time does not exist anymore” hints at an incident that happened in her past and what kind of lover she was. It adds to the curiosity about what kind of narrative she has with Han Seung-jo.

Numbers will be broadcast for the first time on June 23 on MBC!

Source: enews IMBC

Photos: MBC Drama

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