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Song Kang Korean dramas

Song Kang Korean Dramas You Should Not Skip

Song Kang keeps building a diverse and solid filmography! From romance, action and human genres, viewers can choose from a variety of engrossing stories. As My Demon is quickly approaching its end, Song Kang is showing a thrilling romance in the role of homme fatale demon Jung Gu-won. Regardless of...
December 2023 K-Dramas on Netflix

DECEMBER 2023 K-DRAMAS ON NETFLIX: “Sweet Home 2”, “Welcome To Samdalri”, “Gyeongseong Creature” and More

Anticipated returns and thrilling new shows decorate Netflix’s K-Content roster this month! As the holiday season rolls around, unwrap the gift of highly-anticipated returning series and other new binge-worthy titles. Leading the lineup is the second season of the internationally-acclaimed series, Sweet Home, which pioneered the K-creature genre, and Gyeongseong...
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