C-Drama Review:”Reset” Serves A Decent Thriller Premise That Is Riveting For Viewers

The success of this series can pave the way for more Sci-Fi and thriller C-dramas to rise. This drama has become a viewer’s favorite, and we can see why!

Reset is produced by Tencent Video, also known as WeTV. In detail, this 15-episode C-drama is one of the few Asian thrillers and Asian sci-fi series that even international viewers highly praise.

Mainly, the plot is about the lead characters, a college girl and a young game designer, who find themselves strangely experiencing a bus explosion repeatedly. The story revolves around why the explosion keeps occurring to them and, more interestingly, how they can break free from this vicious circle.

This drama is directed by Director Sun Mo Long and penned by Writer Lao Suan. Moreover, this 2022 Chinese series gave a kick-start for C-drama fans for the queue of more fantastic series that are upcoming.

  • Main Casts: Bai Jing Ting | Zhao Jin Mai
  • Supporting Casts: Liu Yi Jun | Huang Jue | Liu Dan
  • Thrilling/Addictive Drive:
  • Overall Rating:
  • Rewatch Value:
  • Dramas Of Similar Vibes: Wisher | Danger Zone

Nathan Llantos watched “Reset” on iQiyi

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Reset Plot Recap (Spoiler Alert!)

Li Shi Qing (Zhao Jin Mai) boarded bus no. 45,  just like she typically does on a normal school day. However, a horrific turn of events happened after she got caught in a bombing incident.

Nevertheless, she awoke a few minutes later to find out that she was still on the exact same bus where the bombing happened. Consequently, she believed that it might be just a dream she had while dozing off during the bus ride.

The Loop

She soon learns that is not the case when the cycle continues. Every time the bus arrives at a particular spot, the bridge and on an intersection, it keeps on exploding, and she keeps waking up and going back to the dream.

Frantic and desperate, she takes various measures to get off the bus. Nonetheless, her efforts are all for naught because it still keeps on exploding.

Moreover, every time she comes back from the dream, the bus is still boarded by the exact same people she witnessed dying from the explosion. Thus, this convinced her that the loop cycle is real.

During one of her attempts in getting off the bus, she uses Xiao He Yun as her scapegoat and pretends he is a molester. Despite successfully getting off the bus, a few moments later, it still exploded, and she ended up being at the hospital and questioned by the police.

Unexpected Partner in Crime

Not only that, but she also ended up having Xiao He Yun (Bai Jing Ting) entangled in the loop cycle mess. Hence, every time it resets, they wake up together with the memories and feelings from every past explosion they experienced on the bus.

At first, they tried with all their might to escape. Unfortunately, none of it worked well. There is always something terrible that happens despite getting off the bus. Everyone except for the two of them ends up dying. With that, their conscience cannot take it.

Additionally, they always end up as the suspects questioned by the police officers. Aside from that, even if they can get away from the bus, the loop keeps on resetting. For that reason, they have no choice but to constantly wake up and find themselves sitting inside of bus no. 45.

Subsequently, they started working on their detective efficiency, hunted clues, and started acting better with the next resets. They embarked on a mission to catch the culprit by narrowing down the passengers of bus no.45.



Reset Peak Points

Subtle Romance

Oftentimes, viewers feel ticked off when genres like this go overboard with the element of romance. It has been proven so many times that romantic tropes and clichés don’t work well with most sci-fi, suspense and thriller genres. Most significantly, when the arc and the conflicts become messier and progress is held back due to the characters’ love story.

However, that is not the case for Reset. Mainly, one of the series’ strong points is the fact that the romance between the two characters underwent an acceptable build-up.

Besides that, the main characters’ chemistry is evident but in a more partners-in-crime sense. Nonetheless, it doesn’t feel off that He Yun and Shi Qing got together in the end. Not to mention, the way He Yun confessed is so believable and satisfying to witness.


Including the dramatic tension and revelations of the storyline, each episode is injected with ample context and depth.

On that note, it is commendable how the producers aim a balance of youth themes, slice-of-life human drama and glimpses of hints of a blossoming romance infused into the execution of the development, characterization plus the side stories in their world-building.

Competent Policemen


A+ for competent policemen! There is already an abundance of series with genres like this wherein viewers get really—and rightfully!—mad at the police officers. On that note, another excellent factor of the story is how consistently, for every after loop, the police department in Reset has righteous, competent and diligent policemen.

It is satisfying to watch how there is a lack of annoying things about how the police operate. In this story, they are doing their best and how they are written for every scene is convincing.

Liu Yi Jun did a fantastic portrayal of his character of police detective Zhang Chen. Despite his limited screen time, he exhibited his character’s fine points and essential complexities.

On top of that, he added a flair of astounding vibes to the drama. Similarly, Liu Tao’s unexpected dress sense as the police inspector Du Ju intensifies the cast ensemble, effectively internalizing her role.


Happily Ever After For All

Everyone loves happy endings! Except when a story will be given justice if open endings or more realistic endings are demanded. It is satisfying how the loop only ends in Reset when all passengers get out alive, and the culprits are also given the justice they are seeking. Not just that, but it is also very refreshing to see how finally things made sense and fell into place in the latter episodes.

What is more, genres like this are typically a hit or miss because of how abundant and often this is internationally produced. Most of the concepts for genres like this are already used more than twice and the plot twists are all too predictable nowadays.

In fact, Reset was great to watch and deserves to be called a gem of C-dramas with this genre.  It may not have the feel of a major production with a long list of renowned cast. But even so, it excels at the fundamentals, with a wonderful script and storytelling framework.

On top of that, the portrayals of the actors and actresses are convincing and relatable. Best of all, this series delivered a reasonably satisfying ending. Hence, it is not an overstatement that this drama surpassed the audiences’ preconceptions.

Reset Series Musings

A Penny For Some Thoughts

In Reset, something new happens with each loop, thus, enriching the plot. After each episode, viewers will be left with many unanswered questions. Moreover, every episode becomes more suspenseful than the last. With that said, this series is indeed compelling enough to keep viewers engrossed and on the edge of their seats.

More importantly, what is not to love with rational and clever main characters? In addition to that, the side characters are all decent too. Likewise, the antagonists have a logical and acceptable background for their motives.

In fact, it is evident how details are thoughtfully written in the course of 15 episodes. Precisely, how the second half of the drama consists of unexpected turns.

Additional Two Cents

The conclusion was well-crafted, but there were a few unresolved questions. For example, how did they end up in a loop? Why is it that he did not wake up with them even when they told Lu Di about the loop and had him involved (Just like how He Yun got involved with Shi Qing), and he didn’t remember what happened from the last cycle?

It is a bit frustrating that in the end, the reason why Shi Qing and He Yun were chosen by the loop to save the passengers was not emphasized, if not revealed. Aside from that, it was still a delightful series to watch because of how the stories of the passengers were incorporated to better chronicle the narrative.

There are also instances at first where viewers might feel more confused than intrigued. Nevertheless, it will be worth it as the plot unveils clues and explanations about the side characters and the villains.

Catch the culprit and escape the time loop in Reset. Episodes are available for streaming on iQiyi, WeTV and on YoYo English’ official Youtube channel.

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