K-Drama Filming Location: The Place Where NEON Webtoon Had Its Annual Party In “Today’s Webtoon”

Today's Webtoon sebitseom island

Illustrating the lives of webtoon artists and the people behind a webtoon service team, Today’s Webtoon draws interest for its pleasant characters and uplifting lessons.

The series is now on its 3rd week with episodes 5 and 6 airing this Friday and Saturday on SBS. In case you are not onboard yet, make sure you add it to your watch list.

So far, the contagious positivity of On Ma-eum, portrayed by Kim Sejeong is endearing for viewers to root for her journey. Likewise, the sprightly team members of NEON Webtoon Service Team add an engaging factor to the series.

In the first episode, we saw Ma-eum going for a part-time work and fan girl moment at NEON’s annual party. The striking venue surrounded by waters is Sebitseom.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government website, Sebitseom Island, commonly called “sevit” is a cultural complex and landmark created as part of the Hangang Renaissance Project.

Promoted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2006, it provides citizens with a unique waterside space to enjoy the Hangang River. It also highlights the world’s first-ever floating building on a body of water.

Sebitseom’s 4 Islets

Representing “three lights” in Korean, “Sebit” alludes to the three islets featured in Sebitseom.

Chavit, Solvit and Gavit – these depict the stunning structures that accentuate the landscape of Hangang River and Seoul. Yevit is a later addition making four islets in total now for Sebitseom island.

A few cultural spaces, as well as restaurants and buffet places, can be found in Chavit. This makes it a popular destination for families or groups dining out.

Housing a multi-purpose area for waterside activity, Solvit is a place to enjoy exhibits, performances and events.

If looking for a romantic or intimate place to share with your loved ones, Gavit takes pride in its posh restaurants, bakery and cafe.

Lastly, Yevit is an all-new addition to Sebitseom Island famous for art performances and events at its media art gallery.

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Source/Photos: Seoul Metropolitan Government website | Viu

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