tvN Presents Somber And Mystical Teasers For “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls”


Lee Jin Wook and Kwon Na Ra aim for a yearend blast through the compelling and supernatural narrative of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls.

Coming this December, tvN crafts another fantasy drama series that adds magic as the year ends. Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Na Ra, Lee Joon, and Gong Seung Yeon are ready to portray unique roles for Bulgasal: Immortal Souls. 

It tells the stories of two souls who lived over 600 years. Lee Jin Wook will transform into a Bulgasal – a mythical creature that feeds on human blood and is condemned to live forever. His name is Dan Hwal.

On the other hand, Min Sang-woon (Kwon Na Ra) was once a Bulgasal but got the chance to be reincarnated as a human. She has had multiple reincarnations for 600 years and can recollect all of them.

Ok Eul Tae (Lee Joon) is another Bulgasal in hiding.  He has profited from immorality for generations, which he uses to exert control over politicians, businessmen, and the media.

Lastly, Gong Seung Yoon portrays Dan Sol, the daughter of a powerful family who married Dan Hwal in the past due to her father’s influence. 

tvN’s released video teasers intrigues with the supernatural vibe. Furthermore, the first teaser revealed the lonely solitude of Dan Hwal as an immortal soul. 

It showed his journey as a Bulgasal in different seasons and eras. The teaser is also accompanied by sorrowful music that describes Dan Hwal’s fate. 

Likewise, another teaser of the series portrayed an emotional atmosphere that gave audiences a glance at its story. Dan Hwal walks in an alley with an all-black attire. The series also released an official poster that characterizes Dan Hwal’s loneliness and agony.

It transitions in the past where he lived as a warrior who protected his country. Min Sang Un also shifted into the past, which hints that the two are bound to meet again.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls will premiere on December 18 at 9 PM KST. International viewers can stream it on Netflix. 

Sources: Sports Donga | Photos/Videos: tvN Drama

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