“Knight Flower” Episodes 5 and 6 Recap

A sudden murder case hits the capital, getting the wrong man accused of it.

Our leads try to handle the situation separately. Though it might be much more efficient to put their heads together.

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Knight Flower

Knight Flower Episodes 5 and 6 Highlights

“Can you guarantee you can bring him to justice with the words of the children?”

Ironically, Yeo-hwa and Soo-ho stumble across the children while arguing. Taking on Pil-jik’s men, they rescue the children. The trouble is: Soo-ho wants the kids transferred to the police bureau to collect their witness statements. But can he really guarantee their safety? Will he be able to punish Pil-jik for his crimes with those statements alone? To Yeo-hwa, that case ends with saving the children. And if he wants to arrest Yeo-hwa, be her guest.

“Please take another look, my lady. It is truly mine.”

Meanwhile, news about the sudden death of the minister of finance, the nobleman from the tiger painting incident, hits the city. It wasn’t a natural death but murder. Hence, Soo-ho is tasked with investigating the case and catching the culprit.

The police bureau names one of the servants as the culprit, having found a jade ring among his belongings. However, he is innocent. The ring belongs to the servant’s lover, whom he meets every day late at night. But he can’t tell that to anyone as said woman is a widow.

“There was a pleasant scent coming from the minister of finance’s mouth.”

On her way back from saving the children, Yeo-hwa witnessed the man and his lover. But she can’t testify to it either. More than the man, Yeo-hwa is worried about the widow as she might be forced to take her own life were anyone to learn of those secret meetings. And she is right about that. The widow’s mother-in-law has her locked in a shed with a silver knife to commit suicide.

Soo-ho senses something is off as well. While checking the corpse, he smelled a sweet scent and found purple spots inside the minister of finance’s mouth. Does it have anything to do with the dry petals that were hidden inside the painting’s crossbar and happened to melt in water? Well. A quick experiment using some insects proves that theory is true. So, the minister was poisoned, and the servant might not be the culprit after all.

“If I hid away from everyone and simply managed to stay alive, could I call that living?”

Unable to turn a blind eye to the situation, Yeo-hwa jumps over and rescues the widow. There is a minor problem, though. The widow sees no point in surviving on her own if she can’t be with the man she loves.

Yeo-hwa won’t sit back and watch the two lose their lives unfairly. She devises a plan to reunite them together. Making it seem the man died from a plague, Yeo-hwa goes to retrieve his discarded body. And guess who is also there waiting for her? It is Soo-ho who suspected she might act this way, given her impatient and reckless personality. As sharp as Soo-ho is, he is no match for Yeo-hwa, who slips away and makes him lose his horse and return home on foot.

“Honesty, trust, and a pathetic look are my weapons.”

With the widow and the man both safe and sound, they travel to a faraway place to live happily together. And now, what is left is for Yeo-hwa to deal with Soo-ho, who clearly knows her true identity.

Not only has Soo-ho been keeping mum about Yeo-hwa’s secret and pretending he doesn’t know her when they cross paths on the street, but he also shielded her from getting her face revealed at the police bureau. Not to mention how worried he was Yeo-hwa might be the servant’s lover and felt relieved when he learned it wasn’t her.

Yeo-hwa puts on a show of trying to kill herself and then Soo-ho. But he isn’t the slightest bit intimidated by it. Taking off the veil on her face, Yeo-hwa introduces herself as lord Seok’s daughter-in-law. Which I hope is the first step towards their long-awaited partnership. And this might need to be done sooner than later, as whatever happened 15 years ago is about to get out in the open.

Knight Flower Episodes 5 and 6 Musings

The dots are getting connected regarding our central mystery. Lady Oh, the minister of finance’s wife, procured the dry petals to get rid of him. But instead, they were used to assassinate the late king. After that, Soo-ho’s father, the head of the royal guards back then, was eliminated.

The guards working for him, including Yeo-hwa’s brother, went missing. The mastermind behind it was Seok, together with Pil-jik and Lady Oh, who turned out to be half-siblings. (Did Seok marry Yeo-hwa off to his son to keep her from digging into it?) Now that Yoon-hak and the current king are aware of it all, things are about to get messy.

I felt for Yeo-hwa when she thought her situation was fortunate since at least her mother-in-law didn’t force her to commit suicide. Yeo-hwa deserves to be happy, and I hope getting entangled with Soo-ho makes her realize she doesn’t have to remain in that suffocating house forever but pursue happiness, too.

Enjoy the adventurous life of Yeo-hwa and Soo-ho in Knight Flower

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