K-Drama Review: “Be Melodramatic” Resonates Every Woman’s Joy And Disappointment About Love, Friendship and Career

Be Melodramatic bares a not-so-melodrama plot as it tells about relatable light stories among friends.

Set in the broadcasting world, layered with an ample amount of women empowering messages, viewers can easily fall in love with the female leads of the series as they show unique personalities and interesting love lines.

  • Main Casts: Chun Woo Hee, Jeon Yeo Been, Han Ji Eun, Ahn Jae Hong, Gong Myung
  • Supporting Casts: Lee You Jin, Baek Ji Won, Yoon Ji On, Han Joon Woo, Lee Joo Bin, Lee Hak Joo
  • Streaming Site: Netflix
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Be Melodramatic


“Your Shampoo Scent in The Flowers” sung by Jang Beom June becomes this series’ trademark as its’ classic and easy-listening original soundtrack. It also was nominated as Best OST at the 11th Melon Music Awards and 21st Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2019. As we can see, the unique title song equally depicts the unique and ‘weird in a positive way’ storyline that makes the audience feel tickled in Be Melodramatic.

Be Melodramatic Quick Plot Recap

Three 30-years-old best friends live together in an apartment due to personal circumstances. They work in the same field – the field of broadcasting, so we can see a glimpse of the TV series broadcast process, celebrities’ daily life, and how a broadcasting company works. The story tells us about their realistic friendship, work, and love life.

Lim Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee) is a rookie scriptwriter with a cheerful and weird personality. One day, her ‘not-so-ordinary’ script wants to be adapted into a series by a famous director, Son Beom Soo (Ahn Jae Hong). This collaboration leads to an adorable and strange relationship. But eventually, they fell in love with each other.


Lee Eun Jung (Jeon Yeo Been) is a documentary director. Her first project is about the story of pro-Japanese people that becomes a hit in the country. Popularity is not leading to her happy life at all as she is suffering acute depression and an abnormal mental state since her boyfriend passed away.


Hwang Han Joo (Lee Ji Eun) is both a single mother and a marketing team leader in a production company. She was married by accident to her first-ever boyfriend in college that did not take responsibility for his son. She fights her life with the determination to balance her two main roles.


Be Melodramatic Series Peak Points

Female-centric Story

The very first episode introduces each of the three women’s stories leading us to be completely engaged with the characters. The posters also show us the three main leads narrating the whole episode about their simple insignificant daily life, from work, love, and friendship.

Each of them has their job and activities that are combined into an interesting dynamic. For example, the first scene of an episode will tell us the story of Eun Jung’s shooting her documentary, while the next scene will tell the story of Han Joo’s fighting for product placement on a shooting site.

Son Beom Soo and Chu Jae Hoon are the main male leads, but they mostly support the female characters to reach their character development.

Be Melodramatic


Totally Hooking Love Stories

Son Beom Soo is someone who is a prideful and annoying type of person. Even though he is a good person, people will not easily like him. However, Jin Joo is somehow interested in him since their first meeting.

Their regular encounters eventually lead them to find each other sense of humor, stupidity, and peculiar things that they were attracted to. It is hard to judge it only by our rational thinking when you fall in love with someone. Love comes in a weird, but positive way when you can develop to become a good person.



HIghlighting A Deeply Intertwined Friendship

Living together with friends may become a little bit awkward and uncomfortable especially when you already had your own job and priority. It is not the case for this trio! In reality, they stay together because in the past, Eun Jung tried to harm herself, and the others are afraid she would do that again.

They sacrifice their privacy to share a home together with friends, not family. Other than that, the same field job gives the same topic to talk about, and then, they work together in a professional context. It is very cool, how they can become solid in both daily and professional life!

Be Melodramatic


SPOILER ALERT! Eun Jung, who has never shared her pain and struggle with others, slowly can open herself. Her friends are always there and ready to hear out her story. On an ordinary day, she opens up and it makes the others burst into tears as they finally feel relieved. This is what we call best friends forever!

Thematic Episodes and Insightful Moral Values

There are different titles about love life at the beginning of each episode but are still continuously narrated through the episodes. There are premises about ‘confession’ and ‘privacy’ of every characters’ stories on these things. After that, the next episode will give another title, but still move aligned to the story, so the viewers will not get confused.

Meanwhile, the endings of each episode tell us some insightful moral values that are taken from the characters’ dialogues on that specific episode. They are shown as letters and some scene cuts. This concept is very beautiful as we can learn and review the values of life.

Be Melodramatic Series Musings

Be Melodramatic presents a slice of life and romantic comedy story that is simple, but meaningful. Despite being underrated, it is truly a well-made series, from plot-placing, directing, casting, and narrating. There are three different main characters with three different personal backgrounds, but the stories are blending neatly with each other.

Each character has perfectly portrayed a humane and realistic character. Thereby making their portrayals shine more. The dialogues are clever. Along with that are a bunch of implicit messages that give insightful values.

You cannot expect any extreme plot twists or extravagant scenes as this series is completely telling us our daily life. The love stories also are not giving us any cringe and cliché scenes. You will see interesting things from trivial aspects in every human being.

Truly, the series threads in the idea of how life is meaningful and unpredictable. If you are looking for a well-contrived friendship and love story, catch up on this engaging series on Netflix!

Be Melodramatic kdramadiary

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