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2014 Korean dramas

10 Korean Dramas That Are 10 Years Old This 2024

It’s time for some throwback K-drama moments with this curated list of beloved K-Dramas celebrating 10th anniversary this year! Real life and real stories are translated into beautiful screenplays in 2014 Korean Dramas. Awe-inspiring is an understatement to the superbly penned standouts of this K-Drama season. A rest in the...

 “Moving” Achieves Most Viewed Korean Original Series Across Disney+ and Hulu

Available on Disney+ internationally and Hulu in the U.S., Moving has captured audiences with its all-star cast, riveting writing and enthralling action sequences! Featuring international espionage, super-powered spies and deadly assassins, Korean drama and tentpole series Moving has quickly captured the world’s attention, becoming the most-watched Korean original on Disney+ globally and...
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