“Unexpected Business In California” Teases With Stellar Guests and Adorable Challenges To Be Faced By Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung

An amusing adventure is set for the latest season of Unexpected Business.

Setting aside their red-carpet lifestyles, Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung are whisked far away from home to the quiet seaside city of Monterey, California to run a Korean-American grocery store in Unexpected Business in California.

While there, they’ll be treated like everyday employees, sorting stock, stacking shelves and serving up a selection of snacks to local residents while the store’s owner takes a much-needed vacation.

The third outing for this beloved show will see Jo In Sung build on his culinary prowess from earlier seasons as he attempts to share classic Korean dishes with American customers. Likewise, Cha Tae Hyun also challenges organizing a much bigger store compared to the previous ones they ran.

In the highlight video, Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung become mesmerized as soon as they see the enormous size of the Asian market, they will run for 10 days. Jo can’t stop talking.

This has gotten too big. I can’t even speak English.”

Cha’s regretful response, “Why did I come to America?” foreshadows the troubled path they will take but will be a source of laughter for the audience.

Next, every corner of the Asia Market, which has a more refined atmosphere than Korean supermarkets, is revealed. The scale is larger than the Season 2 supermarket, but CEO Cha, who finds himself in a swamp of calculations after discovering a calculator without a barcode scanner, falls into a mental breakdown due to the inability to communicate with customers.

Then, Jo In Sung announces the launch of a new menu that will succeed the ‘best-selling’ crab ramen. A foreign customer who tasted Chef Jo’s special menu said, “You are not an amateur!” To that, the actor genuinely thanked the customer.

Kimbap + Confirmed Part-Timer Guests

However, he was caught off-guard by the production team as they did not know that kimbap is a popular product in the market. Even CEO Jo can’t hide his surprise at the sight of long lines of customers waiting to buy kimbap in the Asia Market.

Known for the easy-going and realistic appearance of the guests acting as part-time workers in the past seasons, audiences can also look forward to a variety of guest appearances throughout the show, including a memorable visit from the two actors’ Moving co-star and language genius Han Hyo Joo; kimbap reinforcements Park Byung Eun and Yoon Kyung Ho; face genius Lim Ju Hwan.; and experienced part-timer Park Bo Young.


The new chemistry between part-timers Park Kyung Lim and Kim Ah Joong adds to expectations for season 3. While running the market, the managers and their part-time workers share small but special daily lives with local customers. The meaningful encounters with hometown feelings, memories, and new connections that can only be felt in the Asian market in a faraway country will bring warmth to your home as well.

Unexpected Business in California premieres on October 26 on tvN and TVING! International fans can watch it on Disney+!

Source: Sports Donga

Photos: tvN

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