K-Drama Mid-Series Recap: “The Good Detective” Shoots Up Thrilling Crime Story That Gets Better Each Chapter

the good detective

I am a firm believer of not giving up when my initial impression of a K-Drama is bad. 

That has been the case with The Good Detective. When I returned to hang out with the Seobu Police station detective ajussis, Son Hyun JooJang Seung Jo; and the rest of the team have convinced me to virtually support them to uproot the evil related to the case they are handling.

The rising rating scores pretty much coincide to why I am currently invested now on the series. Cop stories usually engross because there’s less dramatics and the male dominated cast amuses with their humor.

What has transpired since The Good Detective‘s opening week?

Kicking off with quite a disorder, The Good Detective finds its bearing impeccably as it presents the lines connecting the main characters. Kim Gun Ho (Lee Hyun Wook), the whistle-blower who opened the gate of doubt to a death row inmate eventually died. The culprit is added to Do Chang and Ji Hyuk’s task list.

Collaborating with journalist Seo Kyung (Lee Elijah), their group is apparently on a dangerous justice seeking movement. Unfortunately, the people involve are proud and playing gods.

Additionally, there’s much more in the Lee Dae Chul case that were overlooked. It leads them to start from the scratch and trace the events that happened to the victim Yoon Ji Sun. Both Do Chang and Ji Hyuk also take care of Dae Chul’s daughter.

Disguising the case they are working on, Violent Crimes unit 2 has to hide their real intentions after Kim Gun Ho’s case was declared as suicide. Luckily, a crime involving a notorious gang gets assigned to them. They use it to pretend working on legit assigned case, when they are really getting to the bottom of Kim Gun Ho’s case to help Lee Dae Chul evade the looming death penalty.

Where the story heads to?

Just as the relationship between Do Chang and Ji Hyuk gets better, glimpses of Ji Hyuk’s past are being revealed. He also confessed to his senior about how knowing that he might not be able to solve the crime mystery behind his father’s death makes him sad. His relationship and interaction to Oh Jong Tae (Oh Jung Se) is turning out to be a feast of acting skills.

United to a goal of liberating Lee Dae Chul, substantial evidences have been secured by the team. But, at the last minute the detailed crime manipulation prowess of the villains overturned the tables. Escaping the punishment they deserve from the crimes they committed.

Crossing the middle part, will the heroes break the conspiracies tangling the prosecution, the police organization and the rich and powerful Oh Jong Tae?

Mid-Series Peak Points + Musings

From its slow start, The Good Detective swept me off my feet with how focused it has become with its narrative.  With most of the cards presented already, the thrill and twists propel any viewers to cheer for Do Chang and Ji Hyuk.

Riding on its rich underdog theme, the established multiple villains working together to thwart the driven heroes seem hard to break. Hopefully, Seo Kyung musters more strength to reveal her trump card.

Two murders, one framed victim, Two brothers and plethora of corrupt doings in the prosecution and police force make up the quick picture of The Good Detective. So far, it has strongly established a clear division of who to cheer on and who to despise.

There are a lot of bad people who need a good serving of justice in this drama. That for one, is a reason for me to root for the heroes of the series. Additionally, I want to see the smile on their faces when they succeed to the last attempt to catch the culprits.

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