December 2020 Korean Dramas: “True Beauty”, “Run On”, “Mr. Queen”, “Lovestruck In The City” & More

december 2020 korean dramas

Romance is in the air for the featured stories in December 2020 Korean dramas!

Ladies, prepare to be smitten as a few of our favorite male leads are set to make our hearts flutter. Two highly-anticipated historical Korean dramas are also going to join the batch of December 2020 Korean dramas.

The new roster of Korean dramas next month also marks the first batch of 2021 K-Drama season for the calendar I follow. I include December dramas of the current year since the airdate crosses the succeeding season.

december 2020 korean dramas

What’s Currently Airing?


Kairos (MBC)
Awaken (tvN)
Live On (jTBC) *Tuesday only
Penthouse (SBS)


Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN)
The Spies Who Loved Me (MBC)


Delayed Justice (SBS)


Start-Up (tvN)
The Uncanny Counter (OCN)

Coming Up: December 2020 Korean Dramas

Cheat On Me, If You Can

  • Dec 02 | KBS2
  • Streaming Site: Viu | Viki

december 2020 korean dramas

KBS latest midweek series threads on a romance story between a crime novelist and divorce lawyer. Giving life to the featured married couple are Cho Yeo Jeong and Go Joon who both have recent impressive streaks in their acting ventures.

Penning the script is writer Lee Sung Min who worked on the two seasons of Mystery Queen.

Cheat on Me, If You Can will be directed by Kim Hyung Suk of My Golden Life and You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly fame.

True Beauty

  • Dec 09 | tvN
  • Streaming Site: Viu | Viki

december 2020 korean dramas true beauty

Based on popular webtoon 여신강림 by 야옹이; True Beauty tells the story of a timid comic book fan who stumbles on the art of make-up. Transforming herself to a head-turner, her social media presence also sky-rocketed being tagged as the school’s prettiest girl. Keeping her “real self” secret is hard though, especially since there’s a cute guy she likes.

Moon Ga Young takes the role of Im Ju-gyeong, the focal character in True Beauty. Since her makeover, she regained her self-esteem after struggling with appearance complex.

For his new role, Cha Eun Woo is billed to have cold exterior and selfish behavior. In the revealed character teaser, Su-ho is literally the chic schoolboy everyone loves. Interestingly, his SNS flaunts thousands of followers, but he does not have any post or any person he follows.

Playing the role of Han Seo-jun is Hwang In Yeop whose early character sketch hints a rebellious side with a healthy and strong body. His character teasers attract attention with the hinted bad boy image, which school girls normally like.


  • Dec 11 | jTBC
  • Streaming Site: iQIYI

Hush depicts the life of a veteran reporter and the passionate intern. It navigates to the lives of journalists as ordinary salary workers, who are constantly confronted and shaken by the boundary between survival and conscience.

Hwang Jung Min takes the role of Han Joon Hyuk, a veteran reporter in a newspaper company who has lost his passion after facing the harsh reality. Rather than being interested with justice and truth, he chooses to stay unbothered.

Meanwhile, Im Yoona transforms as Lee Ji Soo, a bold intern reporter, who believes that food is mightier than pen. She is an energetic and charming woman who is not afraid to speak her mind.

Backing up the project are JTBC Studios and KeyEast Entertainment. Director Choi Kyu Shik will orchestrate the production. His notable works include Rude Miss Young Ae series, Drinking Solo as well as the last two seasons of Let’s Eat.

Mr. Queen

  • Dec 12 | SBS
  • Streaming Site: Viu | Viki

mr. queen

Mixing the usual romance, politics and royal family intrigue, Mr. Queen details Kim So Yong, a Joseon Queen hosting a soul of free-spirited Blue House chef from the modern times.

Presenting a comical transformation as Kim So-yong, Shin Hye Sun faces a quirky role of a Joseon queen whose body hosts a wandering spirit of a man not living in her time. As a queen bound in living under strict rules, the maverick chef would sure create a cute chaos for the queen.

Challenging the role of a king, Kim Jung Hyun will be the two-faced King Cheoljong of Joseon. Appearing relaxed and easy, his true character has a sharp and solid inner side.

Run On

  • Dec 16 | jTBC
  • Streaming Site: Netflix

Run On is a romantic drama about the intermingling of people who have trouble communicating, even while speaking in the same language. It features people from different backgrounds who nurture relationships using their own language.

Im Si Wan plays the lead role of Ki Seon-gyeom, a sprinter on the national team who is popular enough with the public to sell tickets to unpopular track events. His whole life, he never looked back while running to win, both literally and figuratively, until a fateful event turned his life upside down and forced him to retire. After leaving the track and meeting Oh Mi-joo, he learns to open his eyes to what he never saw as a runner.

Portraying Oh Mi-joo who constantly has to retrace her steps is Shin Se Kyung. Functioning like a bridge between different languages as a translator, she first became aware of foreign languages at a theater.

While watching a movie she would not have understood without the subtitles, she began noticing errors in the subtitles. When the mistakes became too much to take, she became a translator without hesitation.

She finds herself drawn toward Ki Seon-gyeom, who has put her under a love spell the same way she felt the first time her name appeared in the movie credits.

Sweet Home

  • Dec 18 | Netflix
  • Streaming Site: Netflix

sweet home cast

Adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name, Sweet Home is a 10-episode VFX/SFX filled thriller. It takes a riveting route based on the unique premise of a world where people turn into monsters that reflect their own individual desires.

After losing his family, reclusive high school student Cha Hyeon Su moves into a new apartment called Green Home, where he faces bizarre and shocking circumstances. He confronts a series of life changing situations that brings him out to the world to save others.

Royal Secret Agent

  • Dec 21 | KBS2
  • Streaming Site: iQIYI

secret royal inspector

Scheduled to air on KBS 2TV, the new series is about a secret royal investigator who goes undercover to expose and fight corruption. He is also keen on solving people’s problem.

Portraying the role of a librarian by day and delinquent gambler at night, Kim Myung Soo will be assigned to work as a secret inspector as punishment.

Meanwhile, Kwon Na Ra portrays Hong Da In, a daughter of the royal family. Disguising as a courtesan, she is hiding her true identity because of a tragic incident that happened when she was a child.

Rounding up the main cast are Lee Yi Kyung, Han So Hee and Lee Tae Hwan.

Lovestruck in the City

  • Dec 22 | kakao TV
  • Streaming Site: Netflix

City Couples Way of Love My Lovable Camera Thief kdramadiary

Billed to be an urban romance drama, it depicts real love stories of young people. The romance plot takes a fast-paced approach in the backdrop of fun and colorful city landscape.

Ji Chang Wook is set to portray Park Jae-won, an honest and passionate architect. He is a hopeless romantic who loves city alleys and enjoys collecting hobbies. Unable to forget a woman who stole his heart and disappeared like a midsummer night’s dream, his love journey begins.

Kim Ji Won, who has built her own color with an unrivaled charm, takes on the role of freelance marketer Lee Eun-oh. She is a person who fell in love with Park Jae-won in a different identity, from an unfamiliar place who left impulsively.

Promising a heart-fluttering saccharine story, Lovestruck in the City is a collaboration of two lauded K-Drama content creators. Director Park Shin Woo and writer Jung Hyun Jung team up for their first digital drama.

Boasting impeccable records with romance drama projects, their combined portfolio features widely-recognized romance series. That includes It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, Encounter, Discovery of Love, Romance is a Bonus Book and I Need Romance drama franchise.

*Photos/Videos credit to respective networks

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