“Dr. Romantic 3” Episode 6 Sheds Light On Uncompromising Decisions Doctors Had To Endure

Dr. Romantic 3

Giving a healthy debate on choices doctors make based on their knowledge and conscience, Dr. Romantic 3 profoundly underlined that variables can make those decisions a mistake or a career affirmation moment.

Interestingly, the series has been making comparisons between rivals Master Kim and Professor Cha who are seemingly different yet similar to some extent.

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Dr. Romantic 3 Episodes 6 Highlights

Doldam hospital takes in patient Bae Yu-rim, a young woman who has lived the last few years of her life with bad lungs and other medical concerns.  She had a road accident but was luckily saved by Byeol, Dr. Jung’s daughter who bravely went on a day out to see her father and also meet Master Kim.

When patient Yu-rim arrived, Professor Cha is against the emergency surgery given the complications the patient has already. Master Kim steps in and proceeds with the surgery. Later, it was known that Professor Cha faced a lawsuit before as Yu-rim is one of the patients involved in a humidifier-related case.

Successfully completing the emergency surgery, another concern arises when the police suspect Yu-rim has suicidal tendencies.

“If she comes out to have really tried to commit suicide, she won’t be able to receive a lung transplant. Do you know what that means? it means the emergency surgery you risked performing was for nothing. Now the patient’s family will receive a huge surgery bill and the patient won’t even survive in less than a week and die.”

Yu-rim is set to get a lung transplant surgery but if the patient has suicidal tendencies, it will be forfeited. Thankfully, Byeol who finally met her dad gave a full account that Yu-rim did not commit suicide.

Director Park fascinatingly makes a call to have Yu-rim’s case be in the Trauma Center and Professor Cha would also make the surgery. Relenting to Director Park’s decision, Professor Cha accepts the challenge to prove his prowess. In front of numerous medical staff, he sets forth to a complicated surgery.

Dr. Romantic 3

Dr. Romantic 3 Episodes 6 Musings

Like most fans of Dr. Romantic 3, it’s hard to forget the indirect trauma we felt at one point with Professor Cha. But this 3rd season gives acceptable reasons to understand him fully as a doctor and a person.

With his presence, we are also seeing the vulnerable side of Master Kim. His rival’s example of following rules totally contradicts his unorthodox yet patient-prioritizing ways. We are seeing him contemplate his decisions because it impacts the students he has been working with.

On the other hand, Professor Cha is on his way to realizing his dream. It’s normal to still have reservations if his intentions mean well for everyone or if it will just be for his selfish reasons or I’m-better-than-Master Kim affirmation.

Dr. Romantic 3

Also highlighted in this episode is Dong-hwa’s poking at A-reum and Eun-tak’s relationship. Speaking of relationships, Professor Cha becomes more human by asking Eun-jae to invite Woo-jin for dinner.

Can Professor Cha pull off the surgery well?

Bask in healing stories and insightful messages in Dr. Romantic 3 every Saturday and Sunday on SBS! International fans can watch it on Disney+.

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