“The Good Bad Mother” Episodes 5 and 6 Dishearten With Another Deplorable Situation

Giving viewers happy and sad times, the journey of Young-soon and Kang-ho is still worth rooting for in The Good Bad Mother.

Just when we thought there will be no more heartbreaks, new problems for Young-soon arise.

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The Good Bad Mother

The Good Bad Mother Episodes 5 and 6 Highlights

Young-soon and Kang-ho work together in their renewed relationship as mother and son. The latter suffers from retrograde amnesia and acts like a seven-year-old. Through Young-soon’s determination, her son responds to therapy but is yet to walk again.

“Is this it? I thought I would get more for devoting myself to making you a prosecutor? it’s not as much as I thought.”

Surprised to see the man who broke her heart big time, Mi-joo closed the gate. At the same moment, Young-soon found her son and they head home.

Noticing his mom looks pained, Kang-ho mentions his heart felt broken when he saw a pretty girl which made his mom intrigued about it.

In a flashback, the blissful relationship between Mi-joo and Kang-ho paraded. But when Kang-ho becomes a prosecutor, he broke up with Mi-joo with the reason that he’s going to do something important that he can only

It was revealed that Ha-young relents to her father’s plan because Oh Tae-soo put Kang-ho in a bad light as a father who killed his family.

He used the video of Kang-ho disposing of the child he fathered with his secretary to convince Ha-young. Unfortunately, since she’s already mentally unstable, it’s taking a toll on her.

Meanwhile, Chairman Song asks his men to find decisive evidence that can prove Ha-young spiked Kang-ho’s drink and led the accident. With that, Chairman Song’s men were able to protect Kang-ho when Oh Tae-soo ordered to have him to be killed. They were also asked to continue looking for evidence they can use against Tae-soo.

The Good Bad Mother

The Bad Neighbor

Preoccupied with his thoughts about Mi-joo, Kang-ho tries to win her heart. When he heard she likes small dogs, he asks his mom for a puppy.

Refusing to relent to her son’s wish, Kang-ho gets the idea to bring an orphaned piglet instead. But when he let Ye-jin hold aSaja the piglet, it ran away.

It caused the new neighbor a road accident. Thankfully, Mi-joo catches the piglet.

Young-soon and the new neighbor who already made a complaint about the pig farm but was denied by the local office for his nonsense demand, meet at the police station because of the accident. But Kang-ho who remembers the new neighbor was on the phone saves the case.

When Kang-ho saw his crush Mi-joo drop her wallet, it led him to follow her in town and was almost in trouble if not for Mi-joo and Young-soon rescuing him. Sensing Mi-joo reacts blandly to him, Kang-ho wonders if he had been bad to her.

Frequently experiencing stomach aches, Young-soon eventually fainted after tending to a pig mother who gave birth the other night.

Receiving the bad news that she has Stage 4 stomach cancer, Young-soon begs the doctor to save her life as Kang-ho still needs her. Learning his mom is in the hospital, Kang-ho rushes to see her. But he ends up falling from his wheelchair. Unable to pull up her son, the reality hits Young-soon and she intensely commands Kang-ho to get up.

The Good Bad Mother


The Good Bad Mother Episodes 5 and 6 Musings

Old friends are reunited in the 3rd week of The Good Bad Mother. But unlike the old times, the three friends back in their humble village are not the closest to each other anymore.

Adding to the already problematic life of Young-soon is her new affliction. Thinking of all those problems she had already weathered; we feel confident that she will overcome her latest concern. That’s how the story pictured her – a woman of tenacity.

We also saw her sad past of witnessing her family die before her very eyes. That makes a valid reason why her latest problem should be the last to be unveiled in the series.

Mi-joo’s momentary shock at seeing her children with Kang-ho strongly suggests he could be the father of the twins. Following the special trademark of small-town K-Dramas, the series underscored the depth of friendship shared at Jouri village.

It’s interesting to note that the villains in The Good Bad Mother have their fair share of engrossing characters. We can’t help but wait for their imminent showdown that traces to Kang-ho’s accident.

Will Mi-joo reconcile her grudge towards Kang-ho? For all we know, the latter’s excuse to break up back then is his plan to claim justice for the father he was not able to meet.

Will Young-soon’s sickness propel Kang-ho to regain his memories?

Watch how Young-soon mends her relationship with her cherished son Kang-ho in The Good Bad Mother every Friday and Saturday on JTBC. International fans can watch the series on Netflix.

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