K-Drama Review: “All Of Us Are Dead” Guarantees Binge-Worthy Series Loaded With Valuable Life Lessons

Probably all of us agree that All Of Us Are Dead deserves a high number of superlatives that can be translated into three words – TRULY WORTH WATCHING!

Packed with stimulating surprises, this Netflix teenage survival zombie treat lives up to its initial promise. We could not ask for more but a second season if it was what the veiled ending scene was implying.

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K-Drama First Look: “All Of Us Are Dead” Steers Fast-Moving and Thrilling Zombie-Survival Story

All Of Us Are Alive

All Of Us Are Dead Quick Plot Recap

When a student got bitten by a rat carrying a monster-transforming virus, the outbreak spread exponentially before the students of Hyosan High School can even process it.

Amidst worrying about regular student problems of feeling like an outcast, focusing on studies to please overachieving parents, and falling in love; they are forced to brave unexpected confrontations with their friends and schoolmates that have become blood-hungry beings.

PRESS CONFERENCE: “All Of Us Are Dead” Vouch For A K-Zombie Series Filled With Meaningful Lessons & Enthralling Entertainment

All Of Us Are Dead Peak Points

Hooking Storytelling

Switching thrilling and poignant moments, All Of Us Are Dead spiraled a scintillating story that is utterly addicting. Stellar integration of cliffhangers can lead any viewer to a debate on finishing it in one go.

Moving to its narrative of enduring a ceaseless avalanche of zombie attacks, the series managed to balance the expected narrative exhaustion.

Impressively sporting lulls that are emotionally charged after riveting sequences, it incidentally layered the sentiments through stories and messages imparted.

This also gives time for viewers to rest before every thrilling onslaught. Consequently, that contributes to the addictive drive of the series.

Sealing a new addition to the growing K-Zombie content widely regarded globally, the series has every reason to smile after bringing the audience to a thrill-bending experience.

All of Us Are Dead

Superb Portrayals & Cast Synergy

For a relatively young cast, All Of Us Are Dead achieved such a remarkable feat. Braving upgraded zombies with no downtime is sure a tremendous task.

Realizing their death-defying situation, they succumbed to having no big dreams but to survive together. They confront disheartening moments of letting go of their friends throughout the story. More than that, the genuine affirmation of their owning their characters is evidently striking.

It’s hard not to admire the tenacity of On-jo, Cheong-san, Nam-ra and Su-hyeok in leading the group. Likewise, Gwi-nam, Na-yeon and Eun-ji have significantly contributed to heightening the intensity of the story.

More importantly, the supporting characters completed the strong chemistry so that viewers won’t struggle to connect their roles to the problems raised since their commitment was equally stellar in small and big moments.

In a dozen episodes, the series ascertained that each character would have shining moments. That’s why lamenting about every character let go because of the virus was inevitable.

All Of Us Are Dead

INTERVIEW: “All of Us Are Dead” Creators Eloquently Reveal Details of The Never-Before-Seen K-Zombie Madness

All Of Us Are Dead Standout Moments + Series Musings

By steering All Of Us Are Dead into outstanding work, much acclaim definitely goes to Director Lee JQ. His eloquent words detailing the series at the press conference were legit real.

Both the technical aspects and the imparting of relevant messages to young and old generations were deftly executed.

Admirably, the momentum magnified through the students’ journey to survive is done in a clever framing. If there’s an award for the most resourceful cast ensemble, there’s no way it won’t go to this series.

Seemingly appearing to be conveniently framed, the action scenes mounted consistent ferocity. And it sure is a gift to any thrill junkie.

All of Us Are Dead

On Youth Problems

Accordingly, raising interesting arguments about the impact of school bullying is expected in a campus drama. Notably, the narrative did not rely on heavily pointing out that it’s just a bad thing to do.

It explored the ugly sides that can push not just the bullied but the bully for losing self-esteem and going in a wayward direction respectively.

Correspondingly, it all boils down to the choices made of those who bully and also those who accept being bullied.

With the youth inescapably struggling with the concept of validating their worth based on other people’s opinions and expectations these times, emphasizing the need for a functioning support system is necessary.

Moreover, the narrative puts a spotlight on how students should not overwhelm themselves with being great at school. Equipping themselves with a healthy body and mind plus ample street smarts takes them a long way in life.

All of Us Are Dead

Heartbreaking Sacrifices

In a zombie apocalypse scenario, being selfless is hard. We saw plenty of times the survivors engage in disputes. Thus, if being doubted of probably contracting the disease, they had all come in a tacit acquiescence of sacrificing themselves for the majority to go on.

Apart from that, some of their family members also offered their lives heightening the tormenting moments in the series. Forced to fend themselves, they endured and left a resounding reminder of how cruel the world can be, and you’d be lucky if you have people to back you up unconditionally.

Family love takes some of the best poignant moments in All Of Us Are Dead. Parents are featured giving the best shot they can do, regardless of the process, to protect their children.

Worth Pondering Life Lessons

Irreversible Damage Expected In A Crisis

It is expected for any disaster to bring unfortunate events. As we have become familiar with what a pandemic situation feels like, the story reminds us of always seeing the big picture while working on our own capabilities to endure the hardship.

Blaming other people in times of affliction is useless. As seen on the military officer who chose a decision to sacrifice those that can’t be salvaged. People in the position to decide the welfare of people have the hardest job to take.

Selfishness Leads To Instant Karma

Prioritizing your own welfare in critical situations is normal. However, do it at your own risk and as much as possible not affecting others.

Characters who chose this wrong path inevitably suffered the consequences in the end. May it be an admonition we all take seriously.

It’s probably the easiest action people inadvertently or intentionally commit.

Never look down on people

Revenge generates unrelenting hatred. We see how school bullying impacted some of the characters.  There are different ways of making people feel an outcast, not just the traditional bullying.

Take the example of Gyeong-su who is always at odds with Na-yeon. The dangerous situation brought up his disappointment for being treated unfairly for being poor.

Learning a scandalous video of herself could go viral, Eun-ji opted for harming people who keep finding fault in her. Same way that her fellow bully victim chose not to help the stranded survivors when the rescue arrived.

Be kind and helpful. When you help make sure it is genuine.

Confess your love right away when you can

On a brighter note, the faint but endearing teenage romance stories in All Of Us Are Dead lead us to two points: expressing love when you can and becoming the better version of yourself to be worthy of someone you like.

All Of Us Are Dead

Ultimately, All Of Us Are Dead left us a resonating message that when a zombie apocalypse happens, status does not matter. There’s no rich or poor – young or old. We are all equal.

If you can’t save yourself for simple problems, that’s already a red flag for you to work on improving yourself.

Witness an exhilarating story full of heart in All Of Us Are Dead exclusively on Netflix!

All Of Us Are Dead Netflix TUDUM

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