“Wedding Impossible” Episodes 9 and 10 Recap

Our leads might have just started dating. But they keep getting hit by one hurdle after the other. Secrets are getting out in the open, with some causing more trouble than others.

But instead of putting their heads together, everyone tries to take the fall on their own.

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Wedding Impossible Episodes 9 and 10 Highlights

“Why don’t we just think about ourselves right now?”

Having confirmed their feelings are mutual, Ji-han and Ah-jeong resolve to put all their worries behind them and spend one day thinking about only themselves. They go on a trip to a faraway seaside village and immerse themselves in their roles, buying new clothes, riding bikes, and helping a villager out. Unluckily, the day passes by quickly, and back to reality, they must now return.

“You made me a pathetic fool. We promised not to hide anything from each other again.”

I thought the biggest obstacle would be Chae-won. But Do-han proves much more challenging. No thanks to trashy reporter tailing Ji-han, Do-han ends up getting wind of Ji-han and Ah-jeong’s relationship in the worst way ever. Not only this, but Ji-han also overhears the confrontation between Do-han and Ah-jeong. Thus, learning the marriage is fake. So, it is all out in the open now.

While Ji-han is hurt about being kept in the dark when he wants Ah-jeong to be honest with him, all Do-han cares about is keeping his secret from others. He even uses his friendship with Ah-jeong to blackmail her emotionally into following through with the wedding. But our girl isn’t taking it.

“I asked you to marry me because I wanted to breathe, but I was suffocating you instead.”

Worse comes to worst when photos of Ji-han and Ah-jeong are posted online. It soon turns into a scandal of how Ah-jeong seduced the two brothers. Prioritizing protecting Do-han over herself, Ah-jeong takes the insults with her mouth shut. But this time, Do-han musters up the courage to face the situation head-on, holding a press conference to tell everyone the truth.

Except, Ji-han beats him to it. Walking down the noble idiocy route, he throws himself under the bus to protect Do-han and Ah-jeong. He admits to being the one hitting on his future sister-in-law yet denies everything else. What a hot mess.

Wedding Impossible Episodes 9 and 10 Musings

Aside from the process leading to it, everything getting out in the open was one of the things I anticipated the most. But instead of Ji-han taking all the blame, let’s hope the three of them would discuss it together and find a solution that hurt the least.

This week had some much-awaited character development for our two brothers. Do-han realized how wrong it was to run away. Confronting problems head-on was how he could protect the ones he cared about. Also, it was selfish of him to drag Ah-jeong into this mess just to keep his secret.

On the other hand, Ji-han was ready to give up on everything to live a happy life with the one he loves even though he finally got Grandpa’s acknowledgment and was one step away from achieving his goal. Ji-han and Do-han should both live their own lives the way they see fit.

I might not agree with Ah-jeong’s decision to stay silent, but I see where she comes from. It isn’t easy to reveal a friend’s secret to save her skin. Still, she must make herself a priority, too. Flashbacks from their high school days show how Ah-jeong had no problem playing Do-han’s fake girlfriend. But it was all because she hadn’t met her true love yet. Still, this time is different. She is in love with Ji-han. And however precious her friendship with Do-han is, she won’t go through with the wedding.

With only one week left, I hope the drama ties the loose ends in a nice bow and gives our quartet a happy ending without sacrificing anyone. We have got a lot to cover, from the scandal to the secret behind Mother’s death. But I hope it gets solved quickly. So we can get more of our leads’ sweet dating era.

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