K-Movie Spotlight: “Extreme Job” Delivers Laughter while Tackling Drug Syndicates

extreme job

Action-comedy movie Extreme Job can make you laugh while also thinking about the crime it focuses on!

Catching a criminal with a lot of casualties, the narcotics squad unit headed by Captain Ko (Ryu Seung Ryong) is at the brink of disbandment. Chief Choi (Song Young Kyu) gives a tip to Captain Ko about Mubae (Shin Ha Kyun), and his squad takes the offer of investigating it.  

Their squad takes a risk, and buys the fried chicken joint near the location of their target. Taking over the business, they unexpectedly become big and famous for their chicken. 

After being featured on television, receiving bad press, the narcotics squad gets suspended from their duty. Mubae sees them on television, and Jung (Heo Jun Seok) suggests that they franchise their chicken joint, masking their drug syndicate. 

extreme job

Undercover Police with Fried Chicken Franchises

Hesitant at first, the suspended squad finally agrees with Jung into franchising their chicken joint. Seeing how the franchises have declining quality, the squad investigates its workers, and discovers the side business that the franchises offer. 

Ma (Jin Seon Kyu) gets into trouble after hearing sensitive information about Jung and Ted Chang (Oh Jung Se). To track Ma, Jang (Honey Lee) uses her husband’s tracker app, and together with Captain Ko, Young-ho (Lee Dong Hwi), and Jae-hoon (Gong Myung), they face Mubae and Ted Chang’s groups. Their group successfully catches both criminals, and their squad receives a special promotion.

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extreme job

Extreme Job movie Peak Points

Comedy, Action, and Crime Combined

From the beginning, the movie has greeted its viewers with a comedic scene where a squad of police struggle in catching a criminal. Throughout the movie, there are a lot of humorous scenes, but also did not fail in including action scenes.

The squad’s undercover chicken business that unexpectedly became famous tops the comedy aspect of the movie. Gong Myung’s portrayal of Jae-hoon has also been entertaining. 

On the aspect of crime, the movie exposes a unique and somehow realistic tactic of drug syndicates. More than the laughs it has given, insights about how syndicates work may be absorbed through the movie. 

extreme job

Synergy of the Narcotics Squad  

In their failures and success, the narcotics squad has stuck together, be it in catching criminals, or running their chicken joint. Although it was all undercover, they have formed a familial bond that cannot be dissolved even in the face of suspension from their job. Despite their quarrels, the team still believed in each other, and their cooperation truly led them to a greater place. 

extreme job

Underdogs Reaching the Top 

In the beginning, the narcotics squad was seen as inferior compared to the team of Chief Choi. They have struggled in catching criminals with minimal destruction of property, and this has led them to the brink of disbandment. Higher-ups did not believe in them, but they stuck together and ran undercover with their chicken joint.

They may have partially experienced success from their chicken joint, but they still faced setbacks as they were suspended from their job given that their chicken joint was featured in a show. Captain Ko also felt pressure with his wife, and his younger colleagues being promoted. However, in the end, their efforts bear fruit as they were able to catch Mubae and Ted Chang, and also become a squad where all members receive a special promotion.

extreme job

Extreme Job movie Musings

Given that this movie combines action, comedy, and crime, it was truly an enjoyable watch. The style of some comedic scenes is not that new anymore, but it was still entertaining to watch. The fried chicken joint was really the highlight of the comedy in this movie, but it is also pivotal in catching the criminals. 

Honey Lee portrayed Jang, and she was the only woman in the squad. She really exuded the strong powerful woman image, together with Sun Hee (Jang Jin Hee) who is Mubae’s bodyguard.

The performance of the cast, and their synergy built an atmosphere that felt like family. Gong Myung has showcased a new side of him with his acting in the movie, especially when his character was drugged, and acting like a mad dog. 

extreme job

Syndicates featured in the movie expose viewers to how these organizations work and function. This can encourage viewers to think critically about the possibilities on how drugs, and key people in the crime trade and mask their businesses. 

In addition to that, the squad’s teamwork can also really inspire its viewers. The members of the narcotics squad had remarkable backgrounds, and they were able to regain their pride as a team in the end.

Their team proves that people at their bottom do not remain forever there, and they are capable of achieving great things. Overall, Extreme Job is a lighthearted movie that is enjoyable to watch together with family and friends.

extreme job

Extreme Job is now available on Vivamax and Netflix.

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