“Queen Of Tears” Episodes 7 and 8 Recap

Clouds often come with silver linings. And perhaps hitting some unexpected misfortunes can help bring our leads together, though in an extraordinary way.

They might have separated for now, but our leads continue to care for each other like ever.

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Queen of Tears

Queen Of Tears Recap Episodes 7 and 8 Highlights

“Is that why you kept your mouth shut and didn’t tell me?”

Hae-In is quick to connect the dots and figure out Hyun-woo was going to bring up divorce the day she told him about her illness but backed out because she would be dying soon. Feeling betrayed, Hae-in packs up her belongings and storms out in her slippers without realizing it.

Unluckily, another seizure hits Hae-in, getting her almost hit by a car. Luckily, Hyun-woo, who has been following her all along, jumps to her rescue. But heartbreakingly, Hae-in tells him not to save her again and leave her to die next time.

Adding to Hae-in’s misery, the therapy fell through and now she has no will left to live. Instead of a disheartened Hae-in who has given up on everything, Hyun-woo prefers a feisty one. Thus, he knowingly provokes her into getting revenge on him for fooling her.

“The more upset she is, the fancier she dresses.”

Having made up her mind to get back at Hyun-woo, a.k.a kick him out mercilessly, Hae-in shows up at work dressed to the nines and has Hyun-woo revise a truckload of already approved documents. It is a cold war with the employees caught in the middle between our bickering owl and eagle and hoping for them to reconcile or get back to not caring about each other.

The audit team’s investigation of Hae-in which was assigned to Hyun-woo yields no results. In other words, Hyun-woo is whiter than white with no dirt up his sleeve. What do you even expect from a guy who takes photos of his cat friend and puts too much effort into making his wife look beautiful in photos and whose only activities are working out, getting his car washed, and eating dinner out?

“I wish you’d continue to smile at me without knowing the truth.”

Be it as it may. Hae-in vows to not forgive Hyun-woo or forget what he did to her. Even if she loses her memory, Hae-in will resent Hyun-woo till her last moment. But a resentful Hae-in who coldly treats Hyun-woo must hurt much less than Hae-in actually losing her memories and going back to the time before their trip to Germany. Hyun-woo is wailing his eyes out while Hae-in looks at him with loving eyes, wholly oblivious to why he is crying or what happened between them.

Though Hyun-woo wants this moment to last forever, he makes the tough decision of reminding Hae-in of the cruel reality. They have already gone to Germany, but the treatment failed. Also, he has been considering divorce behind her back.

“Mr Baek, you’ve deceived my client. A couple of divorce papers won’t make up for it”

This serves as the last nudge Hae-in needs to go through the divorce. As her attorney, Hae-in hires none other than our beloved mafia consigliere Vincenzo, in one of the most delightful cross-over cameos ever. For sure, the only one ecstatic to hear this news is Eun-seong. He has been working diligently on the takeover plans and might as well marry Hae-in while at it. (Eun-seong already figured out Hae-in’s illness but hasn’t used this card yet.)

But to his face, they might be divorced, but Hyun-woo won’t stop caring for Hae-in. From blocking Eun-seong from tailing Hae-in to picking up after the trouble a stupid Soo-cheol causes, Hyun-woo has a lot on his plate. But wouldn’t you know it? Despite Hyun-woo’s genuine efforts, Hae-in’s family chooses to trust Eun-seong over him. Cue: Hae-in stepping in for Hyun-woo’s support. You see, she won’t let anyone humiliate him, no matter what.

“The sly fox is here too.”

Well. Not everyone is on Eun-seong’s side. Aunt Beom-ja joins hands with Hyun-woo, digging together into Eun-seong and Grandpa’s mistress. A DNA test proves they are indeed mother and son. However, Hyun-woo and aunt are one step late, since the mistress has already drugged Grandpa into a coma. With the mistress’s help and the shares he has been collecting, Eun-seong takes over Queens Group after getting Hae-in and her family kicked out.

The takeover might be something the Hong family had coming all the way but not in their wildest dreams would they have imagined having no place to go to and taking refuge in Hyun-woo’s family house after acting haughtily all those years.

Queen Of Tears Recap Episodes 7 and 8 Musings

More than the divorce itself, Hae-in was more hurt because of the timing. Things were going well between her and Hyun-woo at last. She also had hope of pulling through her illness and living happily together again, only to be hit by all those disasters. She was more betrayed than surprised. The only one she trusted abandoned her when she was the most helpless.

Perhaps, if Hyun-woo brought up divorce before Hae-in discovered her illness, it wouldn’t have hit as much. Let’s be honest. Those two have been sleeping separately for years and sweeping their problems under the rug. Their lovely days were long gone, and they were just keeping up appearances.

While a re-examination of their life together might be something Hae-in and Hyun-woo needed for their relationship, this was done hastily and cruelly and our leads didn’t get time to ponder on where it went wrong and what to do to mend things.

Besides mending their relationship, our leads have another battle: getting the company back from Eun-seong’s hands. Hyun-woo has proven all along he is a smart cookie. But with basically everyone on Eun-seong’s paycheck, there isn’t much he can do alone. Hopefully, if they put their heads together, Hae-in and Hyun-woo can win against Eun-seong. But more importantly, I want them to get back together and start afresh in an honest and healthy way this time.

Will Hae-in and Hyun-woo rediscover the genuine romance that initially bind them in Queen of Tears? Find out on weekends on tvN! International fans can watch it on Netflix!

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