“True To Love” Episodes 9 and 10 Move Past The Vagueness of Unexpected Intimacy

True To Love

The aftermath of the kiss Bora and Su-hyeok shared hits reality in the 5th week of True To Love.

Initially, their blur reactions complicate the situation, thankfully they are two people who are good at communicating.

Blossoming connections and relationship clarifications also abound in this week’s episode.

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True To Love Episodes 9 and 10 Highlights

“Do nothing and get prettier.”

After their liplock incident, Bora and Su-hyeok proceed with their business connection. Both nonchalant about what happened, they faintly talk about it, but eventually opt to charge it to experience.

Bora even drags him to be his plus-one for gym membership to get discounts.

Bravely declaring her next plan aligned with the book she’s conceiving is to do nothing and just be beautiful, Bora splurged on beauty treatments and dolling up herself.

In one of her gym sessions, interestingly, Su-hyeok hears her badmouthing him while she was chatting with Yoo-jung. Inevitably, that does not sit well with Su-hyeok, and ignores her expected apology.

Meanwhile, Bomi and her relationship with her adorable boyfriend continue to flourish.

“For me, your nonchalant consideration and heartfelt consolation really uplifted me. I was so grateful and I counted on you. I told you things I wouldn’t normally tell my family. You saw me at my worst. But I was relieved that it was you.”

Later, together with Yoo-jung, Bomi and Su-jin, the girls go into wanna-have-fun mode and hit a bar. But it’s also the same place that Sang-jin and Su-hyeok also visit so they run into each other’s companies.

Following Su-hyeok outside, Bora makes a proper apology and genuinely confesses how he is someone she wants to keep in her life.

Her genuine admittance moves Su-hyeok, eventually patching things up for them. Unfortunately, it’s the opposite story with Sang-jin and Su-jin who finally talked about the reason for their divorce – that it was a loveless marriage.

When Ji-wan messaged Bora out of the blue, she concludes his action was spurred by Su-hyeok’s involvement in Bora’s life. Sharing the recent development with her ex-lover, Su-hyeok volunteers to be used when she is supposed to attend an event where Ji-wan will also be attending.

Before the event though, Su-hyeok confronts his ex-lover Yuri who personally delivered her wedding invitation. The latter also realized that Bora and Su-hyeok are working together. Yuri’s wedding news took Su-hyeok to emotionally recuperate for one day.

Surprisingly, on D-DAY of Bora’s event, he shows up. However, when Yuri called to tell him she misses him and asks to go to a place, he tells Bora that he needs to take care of it first.

Remembering Yuri’s words of wanting to shake Su-hyeok for one last time, Bora rushes to take his car key. Still, Su-hyeok heads to where Yuri is.

Finally, Su-hyeok confesses about the ring that he almost gave Yuri. But he asserts that in their last conversation, he could have given it at any moment. He did not give it because he chose not to – because that’s how far his heart can go.

True To Love Episodes 9 and 10 Musings

Consistently speaking about profound romantic relationship lessons, True To Love is worth missing when it says goodbye soon.

There was a point when we understood Yuri’s sentiment, but the true picture of her committing to another person simultaneously invalidates her pain.

In relationships where intimacy is defined with actions and not verbal affirmations, there’s always a chance the relationship would falter because of that uncertainty.  A perfect example of that is Yuri.

Interestingly drawn, the process of building a romantic connection between Bora and Su-hyeok fairly asserts the pragmatic truth of how two people from failed relationships navigate newfound love. That fostering attachment does not depend on time but on shared trust and honest conversations.

As brand-new Bora faces her ex-boyfriend, would the time and effort she used to move on be worth it?

Learn love and relationship lessons in True To Love every Wednesday and Thursday on ENA. International fans can watch it on Prime Video.

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