“True To Love” Episodes 11 and 12 Spotlight The Importance of Communication In Relationships

While Bora and Su-hyeok find each other’s company more comfortable, they also take turn claiming closures in the 6th week of True To Love.

Yoo-jung still struggles with the complacency of her marriage as Su-jin and Sang-jin finally get their long-deserved divorce closure.

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True To Love Episodes 11 and 12 Highlights

Rescued by Yoo-jung and Jin-woo, Bora goes to the wedding pictorial of their friends.

Meanwhile, Su-hyeok finally gives the closure that he and Yuri need.

At the wedding pictorial, the couple almost called off the wedding when the strain of preparations overwhelmed them.

As promised, Su-hyeok proceeds to the venue and even arrives simultaneously with Ju-wan who made a sour face when Bora made him feel like air ignoring his presence nonchalantly.

Su-hyeok makes an extra service by looking so doting on Bora which impressed her friends, and further turns Ju-wan’s mood bad.

True To Love

“It turns out romance and marriage are two different things.”

Yoo-jung and Jin-woo stay at a hotel since the latter consumed alcohol. This opens a chance for Jin-ho to take Bora to Jin-woo’s secret place aka the playroom.

Blabbing about the missing intimacy they have as a married couple, Yoo-jung can only rest her head on the already dozed-off Jin-woo’s arm.

After the wedding pictorial event, Ju-wan moves to “accidental” sending of chat messages and casual conversation with Bora. Subsequently, he asks her out to talk outside and Bora confidently applied all her knowledge and the emotions she processed after breaking up with him to entrench her boundaries.

After a discussion for her upcoming essay, Su-hyeok asks Bora out for a movie. The darkness, the mood and the close proximity to each other almost led to another kiss.

True To Love

“Back then, I thought at that time letting our marriage end was the least I could do for you.”

On another occasion which is Yu-ri’s wedding, Su-hyeok and Bora go together and also find Sang-jin and Su-jin there.

From the wedding, Sang-jin and Su-jin go to eat steak at a restaurant, and the latter finally learns about the side of the story that her ex-husband hid from her.

That he was having some financial difficulties and he does not want her to be looped into those problems. Making amends, Su-jin also lifts her curse of loneliness and wishes for both of them to find someone who will deserve them.

Meanwhile, things are getting more comfortable and pleasant between Bo-ra and Su-hyeok who are both aware of how they are each other’s current special person, but are taking time to affirm it.

At night, Bo-ra is browsing some of her photos when she sees a photo that captured Su-hyeok. It perfectly matches his love-at-first-sight story that he shared with her friends.

True To Love Episodes 11 and 12 Musings

Subtly but significantly discussed in the 6th week of True To Love is how married couples or long-time partners suffer from the lack of physical intimacy, and also fail to discuss it.

Another thing that was highlighted nicely this week is how men and women have different ways of seeking love validation. As pointed out by Bora, Yuri will never know the effort Su-hyeok made for her because women need to hear and know it from their men. By nature, women are expressive and men are the opposite.

Sang-jin and Su-jin’s situation further attests to this truth. In marriage, when one side is having an extreme hardship that he or she can’t tell the partner, it all boils down to how relationships require bravery to confess ugly truths and acceptance of what response you can receive.

In the case of the MZ representation in the story, Bo-mi and Jin-ho are shaping up to be a reminder that a relationship needs to be frugal and supportive.

Tying up the loose ends, the series preps for its final week. Based on the preview, the blossoming romance between Bora and Su-hyeok faces a roadblock called Ju-wan.

We also see Yoo-jung’s discovery of her husband’s secret hideout and who Jin-ho’s girlfriend is. Woo-ri’s sticky note message to Sang-jin also rouses a workplace situation.

Learn love and relationship lessons in True To Love every Wednesday and Thursday on ENA. International fans can watch it on Prime Video.

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