“Twinkling Watermelon” Episodes 3 and 4 Form An Inkling of Friendship After Tons of Bickering

Eun-gyeol bonds with his father through music in the latest episodes of Twinkling Watermelon.

He also learns details about his parents’ love story.

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Twinkling Watermelon Episodes 3 and 4 Highlights

Like a kite without strings, our time-traveling son is dropped in unfamiliar territory with no means of survival other than to persuade his teenage father to take him in. And did I mention that said father wants nothing to do with him?

“There was a time when mum and dad were called by their names, not just mum and dad.”

As it turns out, Lee-chan was there waiting for the back then promising musician, Dong-jin, and a misunderstanding causes him to mistake Eun-gyeol for Dong-jin. Having no other option to survive, Eun-gyeol plays along, but soon his lie is discovered.

Adding to Eun-gyeol’s trouble, there is no single trace of the music store where he sold his guitar. The phone number doesn’t exist, and no one has heard of its existence. Also, the cash bills he got haven’t been issued yet.

With Lee-chan wanting nothing to do with him, Eun-gyeol thinks about turning to his mother. But the thing is: he neither knows the name of the school she attends nor the contact of any family members. It hits Eun-gyeol that, unlike he believed, he doesn’t know enough about his parents.


“I was nothing but a doll a sweet husband got as a gift for his depressed wife.”

Another surprise awaiting Eun-gyeol is that his father’s first love wasn’t his mother, Yoon Chung-ah, but another girl called Choi Se-kyung, whom Eun-gyeol recognizes as the daughter of grandpa Viva, the one who taught him music as a child.

Through some flashbacks, we learn that Se-kyung’s current parents are her adoptive ones. And she has to keep the obedient girl’s façade to avoid being abandoned once again. The only times we see Se-kyung being herself is whenever she is around Chung-ah.

Likewise, Chung-ah, though still reticent, is slowly opening up to Se-kyung. Those two share an interestingly special connection, falling in love with the same guy. And making them friends will definitely add more excitement to the ride.

“I didn’t think I would be able to see you before the festival.”

Though it is as clear as the sun that Chung-ah is developing a crush on Lee-chan, she hands over a concert invitation she got from Se-kyung to him, making it seem Se-kyung is the one inviting him. And when he arrives at the concert place, all the poor guy gets from Se-kyung is yelling without a chance to explain himself.

Worse, Se-kyung’s fiancé suggests they do a jam session together. And funnily enough, the only jam Lee-chan heard of is the one he eats with bread. Cue: Eun-gyeol jumping to the rescue, announcing himself as Lee-chan’s band’s guitarist. The father-son duo rocks the stage, and Eun-gyeol is thrilled to be playing music with his father, where the latter can hear everything.

“It is also for the last days of my youth.”

Finally, Lee-chan acknowledges Eun-gyeol’s talent and asks him to join the band. It isn’t only to impress Se-kyung. After graduating high school, Lee-chan will get a job and work hard to save money and get his grandmother’s restaurant back. Until then, he wants to enjoy every single day of his youth and make sure those days twinkle as radiantly as possible.

Twinkling Watermelon Episodes 3 and 4 Musings

Though we initially wanted our quartet to unite as soon as possible and form their band, we appreciate the drama’s decision to take its time to introduce us to those beautiful characters as individuals first. This week, we got more insights into Lee-chan and Se-kyung. And Chung-ah’ turn will soon come as well.

The characterization is done so well. There is no single character who is pure good or evil. They are humans with strengths and flaws. And everyone has motives for acting the way they do.

On the outside, Lee-chan might seem like a troublemaker playing around. But he is also a responsible person who cares about his grandmother. Likewise, Se-kyung might seem arrogant and mean. Yet, she is a vulnerable person, who wants to be loved.

There are some hints about Lee-chan getting into a big accident when he was 18. Which might be the reason he can’t hear anymore. While we still have no idea if the past can be changed or not, let’s hope Eun-gyeol’s addition to the mix can bring some changes. I am okay with whatever happens on the romance front as long as it is convincing. But please, save the poor guy and give him a happy ending.

Brace yourself for a ride full of adventures, music and mystery as Eun-gyeol navigates the unknown in Twinkling Watermelon!

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