K-Drama Review: “Our Beloved Summer” Breezes Through a Love that Encompasses All Seasons

our beloved summer

Our Beloved Summer triumphs in bringing back a nostalgic and romantic youthful experience.

Despite the differences in lifestyle, love blossoms even in the most unexpected moment. No matter how much time passes after a breakup, the remaining affection can reunite lovers for a fresh new chapter together. 

  • Main Cast: Choi Woo Shik | Kim Da Mi | Kim Sung Cheol | Roh Jeong Eui
  • Supporting Cast: Ahn Dong Goo | Park Jin Joo | Jeon Hye Won | Seo Jung Yeon | Park Won Sang | Cha Mi Kyung
  • Streaming Site: Netflix
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Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer Quick Plot Recap

Two high school students are recruited to film a documentary together, and their difference in lifestyle is featured. Kook Yeon-soo (Kim Da Mi) is at the top of her level while Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik) is at the other end. 

Capturing the ordinary days of the two shows how much they bicker. However, they also grow closer and eventually become lovers at the end of the filming.

They become lovers until college, but Yeon-soo breaks up with Woong as she chooses to prioritize her family’s financial struggle. 

Years pass after they have parted ways, and the documentary from high school becomes trending. A new documentary together is filmed by their producer friend Kim Ji-woong (Kim Sung Cheol), and the love between the ex-lovers is re-enkindled, leading also to discovering more about each other, as well as, one’s self. 

Our Beloved Summer Series Peak Points

An Ordinary Yet Special Reunion

Through the documentary, the ordinary days of Woong and Yeon-soo are captured and stored for a long time. This also brings them back together as they have parted ways after their breakup.

Looking at the concept of their documentary in high school, they were simply students who are at the opposite ends of their level, yet love still blossomed between them. The combination of the two characters exude warmth, and form a romance that feels natural as they already saw each other outside the rose-colored lenses.

Given that the documentary became viral, two lovers being reunited may seem ordinary, but the details of how their story came to be, make it special and attractive to watch. Being able to restart their relationship just proves how their love endures the test of time and the struggles they face individually.

our beloved summer

Realistic & Refreshing Life Perspectives

Understanding how life is, viewers can be inspired by how each character views their individual lives. Even though Choi Woong basks in the idea of living a serene life with no pressure, he is still able to achieve a lot of things in life. His life path may be uncommon, but still opens the idea that success can be attained in a lot of ways.

On the other hand, Kook Yeon-soo works hard, and prioritizes her family before her love life. Although it may have hurt both parties in the story, her character chooses a realistic route as a female lead. For people who have a lot of struggles in life, love is the option that is most likely to be sacrificed. 

Kim Ji-woong as a producer appears to be cold, and his emotions as a son are highlighted in his scenes. Hearing how his mother is about to die, forgiveness and healing do not come easily for him, and it’s reasonable as his feelings as a child are valid. 

our beloved summer

Characters’ Pursuit of Growth 

More than the romance presented, the series has also highlighted the lives of the characters outside their love pursuits. From fearing to be abandoned, we see at the end how Choi Woong steps up and finds his direction through studying abroad. No longer trapped in his nightmare and drawing buildings, he now draws human subjects, seen in his quick drawing of Yeon-soo when he first saw her.

Sticking by her grandmother’s side, Yeon-soo realizes that she was actually never alone. She has come to appreciate the people who support her especially in the times she was struggling. 

For Ji-woong and NJ, both of their love is unreciprocated, and they have liberated themselves gradually from the chains of that love. Additionally, Ji-woong, who is competent, faces his emotions and his mother whom he has been distant from for a lot of years.

our beloved summer

Our Beloved Summer Series Musings

Like a summer vacation, the series offers a plot that is calming and sedative in some way. Pressure cannot be felt, and the love story of Choi Woong and Kook Yeon-soo may be freely appreciated.

The tension of the characters when they were in high school portrayed by Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi truly captured the playful and vibrant emotions at youth. Kim Sung Cheol has also excellently delivered Kim Ji-woong’s sarcasm and delicate emotions well. 

More than the reunited lovers’ story, the relationship of the characters with their friends, colleagues, and family has been an aspect that can draw attention to its viewers. Various types of bonds are presented, and in some way, they can offer both lessons and entertainment. 

our beloved summer

Shooting a documentary,  a lot of doors were opened for Choi Woong, Yeon-soo, and also Ji-woong. Notable lines from the series also highlight the beauty of documentaries. 

Amazingly, just like how documentaries are shot, the series has captured ordinary lives in a way that people can appreciate both its mundaneness and special moments. The emotions and the thoughts in the series are commendably close to life, exemplified by Yeon-soo’s choice to sacrifice love when one’s family is struggling financially.

our beloved summer

Appreciating Life as it is

Life comes differently for each person as everyone is born with unique circumstances. The greatest takeaway the series has offered is that people can have their own timelines, and finding one’s direction is not always instantly recognized.

Self-discovery takes a lot of time and emotions in the process. There may also be times we sacrifice the things we love, but in the end, these are decisions we chose after weighing out all the possibilities.

Sometimes, living in the moment while appreciating the supportive people around strengthens one’s positive outlook in life. 

our beloved summer

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