K-Drama Review: “Revenge of Others” Bravely Deals With The Aftermath of Bullying And School Violence

Addressing the social issues that leave emotional pain on its victims, Revenge of Others aims to console the mistreated.

Despite its heavy atmosphere, Revenge Of Others provides a satisfying watch. It courageously portrayed timely societal challenges that young people face. It also did not shy away from showing the broken justice system and how it affects the victims desperate for justice.

  • Main Cast: Shin Ye Eun | Lomon | Seo Ji Hoon | Chae Sang Woo
  • Supporting Cast: Lee Soo Min | Jung Soo Bin | Kim Joo Ryoung
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Revenge of Others

Revenge of Others Quick Plot Recap

The story begins when Ok Chanmi (Shin Ye Eun), a high school shooting athlete, begins to look into her twin brother’s suicide when she becomes suspicious that someone killed him. Desperate to find answers, she transfers to Yongtan High to catch the culprit and have her revenge. 

At her new school, she meets Ji Sooheon (Lomon), a fellow student who avenges victims of bullying in exchange for money to pay for her mother’s medical expenses. Due to their shared pains and struggles, Chanmi and Sooheon develop an endearing bond and team up to help and protect each other.

However, things immediately spiraled out of control when the cops got involved in their plans. With the help of Seok Jae Beom (Seo Ji Hoon), they are determined to identify the murderer. Yet, unexpected revelations threaten to shatter their relationships and the things they are fighting for.

Revenge of Others Series Highlights

Real-Life Social Issues

Aside from vengeance, Revenge of Others effectively addressed serious issues, including the increasing rate of bullying and suicide in Korea. Several scenes showed the severity of oppression in schools and how people react to them in reality. It’s disheartening to think about, yet most people who witness bullying do nothing to stop it.

With the atrocities against students happening throughout the show, the protagonists seek vengeance for themselves and others. This mirrors the real-life problems that occur because of the inefficiency of the legal system and because victims are often left unprotected. Justice is denied to the poor, while the powerful and wealthy undermine the truth with their money.

Revenge of Others Series Musings

Revenge of Others is a classic action-packed thriller with an intriguing storyline that puts you on the edge of your seat. It’s a traditional revenge drama that follows the protagonist as they attempt to hunt out those responsible for the death of a loved one in their family. While the plot may seem straightforward, how the story unravels tells you otherwise.

Halfway through the series, you’ll have your suspicions, but the twist will surely surprise you. As the story progresses, more and more suspicions about the murderer’s identity resurface, making everyone a possible suspect.

It’s like a never-ending game of guessing who’s the bad guy, but it’s enjoyable to feel like you are working on the cases alongside the characters. 

However, at some point, the plot deviated from the initial quest of finding the killer of Chanmi’s brother. In addition, some clues are dropped so quickly that it appears they were barely established before another piece of information was revealed.

Moreover, the violent scenes are a bit too graphic, which may not be to everyone’s liking. Other than that, it is a pleasant watch.

On the other hand, the characters conveyed the victims’ suffering with sensitivity, and you will find yourself cheering for the heroes who fight for justice. There is even a hint of romance, which is a pleasant touch, even if it is subtle. The soundtrack was also good and suited the mood of various scenes.

Overall, it is definitely worth watching for fans of mystery dramas. It is reassuring to know that the conclusion of this series did not disappoint and that the culprits received what they deserved.

It will also be entertaining to see whether you can quickly identify clues and solve the cases.

International fans can watch Revenge Of Others on Disney+.

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