K-DRAMA FIRST LOOK: “Wedding Impossible”

A no-name actress gets a fancy offer to star as the lead in a real-life drama, playing the fake wife of her best friend of 15 years.

But that marriage will only happen on the dead body of the groom’s younger brother, who has different plans in mind regarding his brother.

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Wedding Impossible Opening Week Story

“You are coming, Hyung? What is your schedule?”

Our story kicks off when the fake groom-to-be, Lee Do-han, returns to Korea for the first time in 5 years. Both Lee Do-han’s younger brother, Lee Ji-han, and his bestie, Na Ah-jeong are ecstatic about his return, though for different reasons.

For Ah-jeong, she is happy to see her friend. But Ji-han wants his brother to become the successor to the family business and inherit the company. Luckily for Ji-han, their grandfather and company chairman seems to be on board with making Do-han his heir. One thing needs to be finalized, though, before it is official. Do-han has to get married to Yoon Chae-won, the heiress of another business group.

“Ji-han, I also have at least one thing I want to hide from you. And will it satisfy you to uncover that and make me feel pathetic?”

Do-han isn’t the slightest bit interested in inheriting the business or marrying Chae-won. So, he lies to Ji-han about having someone he loves, not knowing Ji-han is persistent enough to search the whole town until he finds that woman. It is here that Ji-han and Ah-jeong sit face to face for the first time. Luckily, Ah-jeong is quick-witted enough to read the situation. She plays along with Do-han’s lie and gets Ji-han off her back.

Except, Ji-han is just as sharp, quickly figuring out everything is a lie. Yet, Ji-han’s mean words and harsh treatment of Ah-jeong make Do-han more adamant about becoming the heir. He gives Ah-jeong a two billion won offer to become his grandfather’s fake daughter-in-law for about 3 years. That duration will be enough for Ji-han and grandfather to give up, right?

“Did you think I’d deceive people and through myself into the flames as long as I am cast?

Before Ah-jeong can accept or turn down this fancy offer, she needs an explanation first. But before she can hear Do-han’s answer, Ah-jeong almost gets kidnapped by suspicious men and is saved by Ji-han. Ah-jeong opens her eyes in Ji-han’s family house and starts bickering with him as usual. Do-han arrives mid-argument, surprised to see Ah-jeong in his house.

Five years ago, there were marriage talks between Do-han’s and Chae-won’s families. Do-han didn’t want to deceive Chae-won and resolved to come clean to her about his sexual orientation. But he got scared and ran away instead. Though not confirmed yet, I think Grandfather is already aware of Do-han’s secret.

If getting married is inevitable, Do-han prefers his bride to be Ah-jeong, the only one he can trust with his secret. But Ah-jeong has no interest whatsoever in stepping into this family drama. And she rightly calls Do-han out on having no problem causing her trouble while not willing to do so for Chae-won.

“The reason you are so screwed up is because you made me hate myself, not you”

Oblivious to Ah-jeong’s stance, Ji-han hands over a money envelope to her in return for leaving Do-han alone. Though she desperately needs money, Ah-jeong couldn’t bring herself to use that money and return it to Ji-han.

Hoping to get rid of Ah-jeong once and for all, Ji-han gets her a role in a drama through nepotism on the condition she doesn’t have any personal issues that could cause controversy. But he ends up shooting himself in the foot as Ah-jeong overhears the staff talking and learns about it. To get back at Ji-han, Ah-jeong announces she will accept Do-han’s offer. Instead of stopping his brother, Ji-han ended up playing the matchmaker.

Wedding Impossible Opening Week Musings

I love Ah-jeong. She is a good person as well as a good friend. Back in high school, she became friends with Do-han after she stood up to some girls bullying him. Since then, they have stuck together through thin and thick.

I might not agree with Ah-jeong hiding her current situation and pretending to be successful in front of Do-han, but she genuinely cares for him. Not that Do-han is any better. Ah-jeong only learned he is a chaebol recently since he needed her in his plan.

Ah-jeong is passionate about acting despite not getting an opportunity yet to show her talent. She works hard and learns different things that could help her career. It pained me to see Ah-jeong get cut out of the drama she was shooting just because the lead actress felt jealous and insecure, making Ah-jeong repeat the same scene several times until she got injured on set.

On the other side, I am not fond of Ji-han, who comes across as someone who will do anything to have his way. Befriending someone to get a business contract and blocking them afterward isn’t an appropriate thing to do. Also, the way he hurt Ah-jeong with his words is a big no-no.

Ji-han and Do-han are both illegitimate sons of their grandfather’s late daughter with another man. They only joined the family after their parents’ death. Needless to say, they were unwelcome guests. Ji-han thought he might warm up his grandfather’s heart by working hard. But this wasn’t the case. Still, if grandfather wouldn’t let Ji-han join the company, he might as well get through a blind recruitment.

Ji-han seems competent enough to lead the company. And it seems he wants to be in charge. Except, grandfather is set against choosing Ji-han. This might have to do with the car accident that took the lives of Ji-han’s parents. But I wonder what happened that Ji-han believes it is his fault that they died.

Well. If Ji-han can’t have it to himself, he will do his best to make his brother the heir and manage the company together or perhaps snatch the position later. But the appearance of Ah-jeong throws a wrench into Ji-han’s plans. And now he wants nothing more than to get rid of her.

Hilariously enough, Ah-jeong had no intentions of accepting the contractual marriage. Yet Ji-han’s meddling backfired in his face and got Ah-jeong to change her mind out of retaliation. Not to mention how Chae-won will end up falling for Ji-han despite, or shall I say as a result of, his efforts at matching her with Do-han.

Though Ji-han claims to hate Ah-jeong, I have this feeling that he can only be himself around her. When Ah-jeong commented on how suffocating it is for Ji-han to live for Do-han’s happiness, I could see the expression on Ji-han’s face changing. The same goes for Ah-jeong. Despite wanting to keep her accident a secret from Do-han, she wasn’t embarrassed to show her situation to Ji-han.

I am sure Ji-han cares for his brother. But what he thinks is the best for Do-han and what his brother really wants to be happy are two different things. I hope Ji-han realizes that before it is too late, as his actions, though well-intentioned, are misguided and might cause more harm than benefit.

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