“Wedding Impossible” Episodes 7 and 8 Recap

It is our leading lady’s turn to feel confused about her feelings. For someone who was set on following through with the contract marriage and getting everyone’s blessings, she is eating her words and getting irritated whenever her supposedly brother-in-law treats her well.

Thankfully, after a bit of back and forth, this stubborn duo finally gives in to their feelings and drops the act.

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Wedding Impossible Episodes 7 and 8 Highlights

“She is my sister-in-law. I can live with her under the same roof!”

With reporters starting to get wind of her identity, Ah-jeong moves into the brothers’ house for now. She is greeted by a shirtless Ji-han, who is just as shocked to see her. Instead of opposing the marriage, Ji-han pretends not to care at all, acting as a sweet brother-in-law who makes Ah-jeong food and keeps calling her “sister-in-law.” However, Do-han and Ah-jeong sharing the same room isn’t something Ji-han will allow.

Instead of this nice Ji-han, Ah-jeong prefers the petty one who keeps pulling stunts and getting in the way. She can put up with anything. But thinking about Ji-han makes Ah-jeong feel uneasy. Will he really be okay being in-laws with her? Prioritizing Do-han’s happiness over his, Ji-han lies about being comfortable with it. But it is clear as day that neither Ji-han nor Ah-jeong is okay with this marriage. Instead, it felt like Ah-jeong was hoping for Ji-han to stop her. Those two are too stubborn.

“You said you felt uneasy about me. Then don’t marry him.”

Luckily, just before I deem this pair a lost cause, Ji-han barges into the wedding dress shop and drags Ah-jeong out. Having learned about the real reason Do-han is getting married to Ah-jeong, Ji-han can’t stay still anymore. Ji-han is okay with his brother having a different sexual orientation but does not selfishly drag Ah-jeong into it.

Ji-han can’t bring himself to tell Ah-jeong about Do-han’s secret, though, wholly oblivious Ah-jeong is in on it and the whole marriage is fake. The highlight of this sequence is Ji-han realizing how wrong it was to push Do-han aggressively into becoming the heir without checking if that is what he really wants.

Another one having a change of heart is Ah-jeong. She is sharp enough to realize Ji-han has feelings for her, and she feels the same about him. But instead of handling the situation head-on, Ah-jeong escapes to her family’s house to avoid Ji-han. She wants to call the contract quits but is held back by her friendship with Do-han. His words about being grateful to her for being on his side are starting to weigh on Ah-jeong.

“I felt sorry, thinking that maybe I didn’t give you enough trust.”

In one of our favorite scenes this week, Ji-han finally confronts Do-han about everything he kept pent up inside. Ji-han might be in the wrong about many things. Yet Do-han isn’t any better, always doing as he pleases and running away without telling Jin-han anything. It has always pained Ji-han, but he couldn’t mention it, feeling bad about causing their parents’ deaths.

Following the fight, Ji-han goes to see Ah-jeong. He can’t hold himself back anymore. He likes her. This is how he truly feels, and he won’t deny his feelings anymore. Though it takes a little longer for Ah-jeong’s defense walls to come down, she eventually crumbles and gives in to her feelings. We end this week with Ah-jeong pulling Ji-han into a kiss, hopefully marking the beginning of their relationship and the end of all the pretense.

Wedding Impossible Episodes 7 and 8 Musings

One major theme the drama covers this week is how everyone keeps acting in real life. Thus, the truth gets buried under the pretense. Ji-han kept dropping hints about how much he cares about Ah-jeong before saying it openly. But because of the many stunts he pulled on her, Ah-jeong kept doubting him. Likewise, Ah-jeong was so immersed in her role as Do-han’s fake bride that she almost ruined her life and got married to him, ignoring her real feelings.

Let’s hope it isn’t too late to fix this mess and get everything back where it belongs. Do-han has been a good friend to Ah-jeong. It would be nice if he would understand her decision and not turn evil like Chae-won, whom I almost lost hope for. She is now out to get what she wants even if she is sure Ji-han has another woman in his heart.

The entangling relationship connecting our quartet is the most entertaining aspect of the drama. But rather than getting more interactions and understanding the characters’ motivations better, we get too many filler scenes in the shape of the succession war. There are even some hints at the boys’ mother’s death being premeditated not accidental. I got into the drama for the funny scenes, but it is developing into something wholly different from what I signed up for.

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