“Wedding Impossible” Episodes 5 and 6 Recap

Our younger brother goes down a rabbit hole of his digging. And nothing he does can help take his mind off this feisty girl he keeps getting drawn to.

Our heroine feels the same as him, though she might be a little slower in recognizing her feelings.

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Wedding Impossible Episodes 5 and 6 Highlights

“You hate me for not listening to you and I hate you for not respecting me.”

A hung-over Ji-han opens his eyes in Ah-jeong’s bed. Having tried yet failed to take him home, Ah-jeong had no choice but to carry him to her house. To have a one up on him, Ah-jeong collects video evidence of what Ji-han did while drunk. If Ji-han wants the videos deleted, he had better call off the seduction plan. Or else she will tell Do-han everything.

Do-han must have some perfect timing because he drops by Ah-jeong’s house mid-argument and catches them red-handed. The outcome is Ji-han learning about Do-han and Ah-jeong’s plans to register their marriage and flee the country and Do-han warning to cut ties with Ji-han if he doesn’t stop meddling with Do-han’s life. Do-han’s words break Ji-han’s heart, but he had it coming.

Feeling bad about causing a fallout between the brothers, Ah-jeong stops by to see Ji-han at work under the pretext of dropping off his clothes. But she ends up overhearing him badmouthing her to Chae-won and gets mad. Speak of another perfect timing.

“You were hurt when your grandpa pushed you away like this.”

With the boys’ mother’s death anniversary coming up, the two of them head to visit her urn, with Ah-jeong tagging along this time. We learn Mother died in an accident on a rainy night (Thus, Ji-han’s rain trauma) while trying to avoid a trashy reporter who was obsessed with finding her after she left her family and got together with the boys’ father.

It looks like the trashy reporter still has nothing better to do, as he keeps lurking around and shows up at the Columbarium to provoke Grandfather. Do-han escorts Grandfather away, entrusting Ah-jeong to Ji-han. Showing some exceptional driving skills, Ah-jeong gets the trashy reporter off their tail. She then shares a quiet moment with Ji-han, offering to lend him her ears if he wants to vent.

As we come to learn, back then, the trashy reporter used an eight-year-old Ji-han to get Mother. Hence, Ji-han feeling guilty throughout his life though he did nothing wrong but was used by the trashy reporter. To think that is why Grandfather blames Ji-han for Mother’s death and keeps him at arm’s length, it is totally ridiculous, as the trashy reporter is to blame.

“My heart is pounding toward someone it shouldn’t”

Ji-han might have some more urgent problems at hand than getting Grandfather’s favor. His feelings for Ah-jeong are growing, and he can no longer deny it. Praying, working out, meditating, taking language classes, and keeping himself busy all prove useless in getting over this forbidden love. It is hilarious how Ah-jeong keeps popping up everywhere Ji-han goes, from her photo on the textbook cover to the video clip at the karaoke to showing up in person and getting Ji-han running away.

“Attending the meeting meant I’d accept it”

Though more slowly, Ah-jeong is on the way to realizing her feelings for Ji-han. She is mad about him avoiding her and feels sad when Ji-han announces he won’t attend the family meeting to discuss the wedding, though he ends up attending anyway. Ji-han even resolves a conflict when Ah-jeong’s parents get mad about hiding Ah-jeong’s identity from the press.

Following the conventional approaches to getting over one’s crush, Ji-han walks along a stone wall path infamous for breakups with Ah-jeong, giving her a paper crane and announcing he will accept her as Do-han’s bride. But why does it feel like Ah-jeong is rather disappointed to have Ji-han’s blessing?

Wedding Impossible Episodes 5 and 6 Musings

The drama remains fun, but it is mostly because of the cast. Jeon Jong-seo is doing a magnificent job portraying Ah-jeong and making every aspect of her likable, even when some of her decisions might be questionable.

If one keeps thinking about her future brother-in-law and gets frustrated when he ignores her, she should reconsider the marriage decision before it is too late. Moon Sang-min is also does a good job depicting the petty sides of Ji-han and selling his dilemma about being in love with the wrong person.

While I have no problem watching this duo for days, I am afraid the story already has enough tension going on without the annoyingly cartoonish Choi siblings (our two brothers’ half siblings), the trashy reporter, or Do-han’s ex-lover, who is back to get revenge. Even Chae-won, who seemed like a breath of fresh air among many typically villainous second female leads, is getting obsessed with making Ji-han hers.

Chae-won might indeed be Ji-han’s first love, whom he gave up on in favor of making Do-han the heir. And don’t get me started about how wrong it was to use her for his plans. But Ji-han now likes Ah-jeong and Chae-won knows it very well. Frustratingly enough, this very knowledge is what drove her to confess her feelings to Ji-han. And it doesn’t seem she will be backing out anytime soon.

Things are getting complicated with more people getting involved in contract marriage. So, I hope our leads will be honest about their feelings and do what needs to be done before they end up being in-laws for real.

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