SBS Affirms Shin Ye Eun, Ryeoun, Kang Hoon and Jung Gun Joo To Lead New Historical Drama

Flower Scholar's Love Story

Backed up by stellar showrunners, the new SBS drama mounts a promising story.

Titled 꽃선비 열애사 Romantic Guesthouse (WT), the series tells the story of a boarding house owner and three handsome scholars.

Penning the script are writers Kwon Eun Mi (Woman With A Suitcase, Gapdong, Royal Family) and Kim Ja Hyun (Bukchon Banseonbi’s Path to Success); the drama will be directed by Kim Jung Min of Royal Secret Agent, Grand Prince and The Princess’ Man fame.

Challenging her first historical series, Shin Ye Eun (More Than Friends) portrays the role of Yoon Dan-oh. Her breezy life as a cherished youngest daughter changed and she finds herself becoming the family’s breadwinner.

In charge of running a boarding house renting out spaces to scholars all over the country, she meets young men of different and interesting colors.

First, Ryeoun (Through The Darkness, 18 Again) takes on her first historical drama as Kang-san. He is preparing for the state exam and is accustomed to being alone. When he enters the guest house run by Dan-oh, he opens his heart not just to her but to fellow scholars.

Next, Kang Hoon (The Red Sleeve, Little Women) plays the cool, amiable and attractive Kim Si-yeol He is a fearless man who can’t stand injustice. At the inn, he becomes the best friend of Dan-oh. They often bicker but he gives her dating advice.

Lastly, Jung Gun Joo (Oh My Baby) suits up for the role of Jung Yu-ha, a noble scholar from an elite family.

He has a delicate personality but empathizes well with other person’s feelings. Through hard work, he nurtured his intellect to gain recognition for his presence. He is comforted by Dan-oh’s encouragement as he prepares for the exam.

SBS’s new drama Romantic Guesthouse is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023.

Source: Sports Donga

Photo: SBS

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