“Doctor Cha” Episode 10 Bears The Pain of A Mother Who Wants To Protect Her Children

Jeong-suk had to see before her eyes that there are marriages worth saving in Doctor Cha episode 10.

With their relationship out in the open at work, In-ho starts to behave properly like her husband while she holds the inner rage she has while being mentored by her husband’s mistress.

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Doctor Cha

Doctor Cha Episode 10 Highlights

Spilling about Jeong-suk being his wife, In-ho even invited his wife to stage an energetic song.

Meanwhile, Sora is also stressed after all those unfriendly encounters she had with her maybe-mother-in-law in the future.

After the party ends, a husband pleads for help as his wife is due to deliver their child. Without any doctor who has experience in childbirth, Jeong-suk forces her drunk husband to do it. In the end, Jeong-suk took over because In-ho kept throwing up.

Later, Jeong-suk finds Dr. Kim who heard about her feat of delivering a baby. Finally, he opens up about why she’s tolerating her husband’s infidelity.

Responding to her keeping silent to protect the peace in her family so he needs to stop looking at her as a pathetic woman, Dr. Kim agrees to what she said. He asserts she is indeed pathetic since her children are all grownups and she has the option to be happy.

Doctor Cha

“The weather is nice and it feels so unfair when I’m going through a hell like this.”

Keeping a strong facade despite her pain inside, Jeong-suk also confronts Sora who is true to her uncaring core. They both decide to interact like how they used to. Later, So-ra also had a verbal spat with Jung-min who pointed out he gave her a clue before to straighten her bossy attitude.

Jeong-suk keeps in her frustration and tries to get solace from her mother who can read she’s undergoing emotional pain. She advises her how having a husband is important when you have children.

When Jeoong-suk sees Seung-hee rushing to go somewhere and spots her husband letting her inside his car, she follows them. She almost stopped her inquisition but the taxi driver deems her situation and tells her she has to see the end of it for her to realize.

Confirming another family that her husband has been keeping, Jeong-suk suffers alone outside the hospital. Spotted by So-ra, she invited her for a ride to clear her mind. Opening the roof of her top-down car for the wind to help Jeong-suk, she admits knowing her situation.

Just then, the rain drops and So-ra who does not know how to close her car’s roof ends up giving a comforting moment for Jeong-suk.

Doctor Cha

Doctor Cha Episode 10 Musing

Understanding Jeong-suk’s hesitation to end her marriage springs from her intention to give her children the utmost love as a parent, which is keeping their family together.

In the process though, the pain overwhelms her. And she’s not even aware that her family knows of In-ho’s infidelity which we can assume to hurt her even more.

At least this episode gives time for So-ra and Jeong-suk to have some quality time that would better their relationship.

Seung-hee’s move to sell her properties aligns with her decision to go back to the US. Just like how her daughter pointed out, she’s actually the one holding on to achieve a family with her first love and father of her daughter.

As seen in the preview, a variable arises as Jeong-suk is set to confront them. With Seung-hee’s character so far, showing remorse is not going to happen.

Doctor Cha has been raising typical problems a woman faces. Jeong-suk has also embodied the tenacity and vulnerability of women to choose self-sacrifice as it is an innate attitude, especially for mothers.

But we saw her conquer the odds to work on her forgotten dream. Thus, we hope she follows what Dr. Kim asserted before that she deserves to claim her own happiness as a person.

Be inspired to commit to personally made happiness like Cha Jeong Suk in Doctor Cha! International fans can watch it on Netflix!

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