“Big Mouth” Episode 4 Challenges the Doubted Identity of Lee Jong Suk

big mouth

Already having doubts about Chang-ho, Gong Ji-hoon asks him to name five drug clients in Big Mouth. 

Mi-ho announces at a conference that she has the unpublished paper of Professor Seo, and Mayor Choi assigns someone to follow her. Gong Ji-hoon tests Chang-ho on naming clients he sold drugs to as ‘big mouse’. Meanwhile, prisoners who tried to attack Chang-ho mysteriously die through suicide.

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Big Mouth

Big Mouth Episode 4 Highlights

“I threw the bait, so I’m sure someone will get hooked.”

With the stabbing that happened, the room leader, No Park receives medical care. The warden visits him, and questions why he is protecting Chang-ho.

No Park whispers to the warden, and Chang-ho and the other innocent victims in the incident are released from solitary confinement. 

Frustrated with their failed attack, the VIPs complain at the warden for getting in the middle of it, and worry about Mr. Gong knowing about their attacks.

In his defense, the warden tells the three that Mr. Gong holds a huge influence on him.

At the hospital, Mi-ho gets scolded for injecting the wrong dose into a patient. However, she defends herself using the proof on her phone that the dose instructed was truly 2 mg, not 1 mg. 

Aware that she was being framed by the head nurse, Mi-ho asks her fellow nurse about it, but the nurse denies her knowledge of it.

Mi-ho, feeling at a dead end with her own investigation, announces that she has Professor Seo’s unpublished paper at a conference at their hospital.

After that, she feels that someone is following her. For Mi-ho, she only threw it as bait, but Mayor Choi gives her a call.

big mouth

“Real con artists scam people closest to them first.”

Ji-hoon visits Chang-ho, and asks him to return the 100 billion Won from Lala Capital. 

He also asks Chang-ho to prove himself as a ‘big mouse’ by naming five clients he sold drugs to.

Grabbing a phone from one of the prison guards, Chang-ho calls Mayor Choi to inform him of the ledger Mr. Gong is aware of and how ‘big mouse’ touched the NR Forum.

Hearing that, Mayor Choi orders his secretary for someone to tail Prosecutor Choi and Gong Ji-hoon.

In solitary confinement, inmate 5362, who recently attacked Chang-ho, hangs himself. Another inmate who was also part of the attack takes his life through cyanide. 

Suspicions arise with how the two incidents happened, and Chang-ho feels that ‘big mouse’ is also just inside prison.

Their cell gets inspected, and the warden calls Chang-ho out for pretending. He reminds Chang-ho of the five clients he has to name to prove he is real.

big mouth

“A person doesn’t find his position. The position recognizes the person.”

The elder agrees to meet Joo-hee, but refuses to meet Ji-hoon until he retrieves the money from Lala Capital. Ji-hoon only hears the order to meet the secretary general and the majority party leader with Mayor Choi.

Ji-hoon reminds Mayor Choi of how he should be thankful for how his political career was built. He scoffs at the mayor’s plans of advancing his career on politics, but Mayor Choi boldly responds to him that he is not Ji-hoon’s dog.

Although beaten up, Ji-hoon feels sure that the elder wouldn’t let a traitor like Mayor Choi pass through.

Being followed again, Mi-ho catches that it was the mayor’s secretary tailing her.

Meeting with the mayor, Mi-ho receives a list to be passed on to Chang-ho in prison. Receiving it, Chang-ho tells Mi-ho that they could trust and ask for help from the mayor.

big mouth

“If we both got here on the same boat, you should keep rowing.”

Confident in his plans, Gong Ji-hoon tells Prosecutor Choi how he created a fake ledger, which Mayor Choi currently holds.

Waiting for Chang-ho to name five drug clients, Ji-hoon can confirm through the fake ledger that Mayor Choi holds whether Chang-ho is ‘big mouse’ or not. He is aware that Chang-ho has recently contacted Mayor Choi, and there’s a huge possibility that the mayor shared with him some names from the ledger.

Transportation cards arrive at the prison, and prisoners bet on whether the VIPs or Chang-ho would win. 

In the process, Jerry gets caught, and the VIPs proudly announce that they’re sure that Chang-ho is fake, betting 100 million Won. 

Countering that, Chang-ho bets with 300 million Won that he is indeed ‘big mouse’, and assigns the warden as the dealer.

At Woojeong Gallery, the mayor rushes out after hearing from Ji-hoon that the ledger was fake. He tries to call the warden, but his calls are ignored.

In prison, Chang-ho comes out of his cell since he has a visitor, and the prisoners cheer and chant for him.

big mouth

Big Mouth Episode 4 Musings

Bluffing that she has a copy of the paper of Professor Seo, Mi-ho puts herself in danger even though the man following her was one of Mayor Choi’s people.

Although he claims it was for Mi-ho’s safety, Mayor Choi also appears to be suspicious of how he handles everything on his own. Chang-ho has his full trust in the mayor, but Mi-ho may also be right in having an ounce of doubt about whether he could be trusted. 

With the sudden death of prisoners through suicide, Chang-ho thinks that there is a possibility that ‘big mouse’ is also inside the prison. In this case, it could be also considered that ‘big mouse’ is among the prisoners as well as guards.

However, in the preview, it hints that Chang-ho is indeed ‘big mouse’, who transforms his innocent aura into a dark one. Mayor Choi can also be seen telling Mi-ho that she is unfortunate.

Chang-ho has yet to name five clients for Gong Ji-hoon to prove that he really is ‘big mouse’. If he really turns out to be ‘big mouse’ in the next episodes, possibly, there were hints to catch from the earlier episodes.

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