K-Drama First Look: “Big Mouth” Lobbies a Desperate Battle of Innocence and Deception

big mouth

Ramping its conflicts in the opening week, Big Mouth locks in an engaging fight for innocence.

Living the married life with financial problems, everything will be done just to alleviate the situation. However, in that desperation to live a better life, more problems arise. With dynamic character portrayals, Big Mouth primes a story with a balanced mix of tones. 

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Big Mouth

Big Mouth Opening Week Story

“What looks happy from a distance may be tragic up close.”

Opening the scene, reports on the crimes committed by a criminal called ‘big mouse’ are shown. 

Going to the present, a lawyer named Park Chang-ho thinks about his preference for success over social justice.

Celebrating their wedding anniversary, Chang-ho assures his wife Go Mi-ho that he can afford the celebration and he will be on TV soon. 

Leaving earlier to meet the prosecutor on the case he is handling, he drinks the coffee he received on his way out, which turns out to be drugged leading to a car accident. 

Days before that, he gets pressured by his wife to win his case so that they could get their money back.

The judge for the case has been changed and they lose the case, which angers the people also who lost their money on the investment.

With that, they then call Chang-ho ‘big mouth’. Angered by the outcome, he stays out and receives a call from Mayor Choi Do-ha, who offers him to handle a murder case.

big mouth

Although Chang-ho is tasked to represent the three suspects in the case, the mayor also asks him to find the dashcam to reveal the truth of the incident.

Meeting up with the three suspects, he receives the guide to follow for their trial. He exits the special underground cell, and spies on their conversation.

Hearing their conversation, Chang-ho and Mayor Choi rush to Dr. Han’s wife and hear that Gong Ji-hoon is also an accomplice in the murder of Professor Seo.

Chang-ho secures the record of the dashcam from Dr. Han’s wife, and gets warned that his involvement will bring him misery.

As their belongings in the house get seized, Chang-ho attempts to use the dashcam against Gong Ji-hoon

However, Chang-ho fails to threaten Gong Ji-hoon with the dashcam in his hand. After that attempt, Chang-ho tells Mayor Choi that he will hand it himself to the prosecutor.  

Going back to the present events, Chang-ho gets into a car accident, but still wakes up alive.

big mouth

“Those who can live should live.”

Rushed to the hospital, Chang-ho reminisces about his days on the track team when Mi-ho was always by his side.

Waking up from the accident, his car gets totaled, and his belongings in it get collected by an unknown person. 

Arrested for drug use, he tries to remember what happened that day and calls Mayor Choi. Hearing that Chang-ho met Gong Ji-hoon, the mayor ignores his request and leaves him.

Chang-ho’s office gets investigated, where drugs and money get discovered.

In the Nine Rivers Forum, Gong Ji-hoon offends Mayor Choi, but the mayor’s wife retaliates by attributing Ji-hoon’s drunk driving to another substance.

Just when he was about to die from getting beaten up and hanged, the chief in the prison orders Chang-ho to be revived as news reaches that he is ‘big mouse’.

Debates over Chang-ho being ‘big mouse’ spreads over, and Mi-ho appears on TV to communicate with Chang-ho from the outside. 

In the interrogation with a lie detector, the prosecutor reminds Chang-ho that getting riled up with the question of him being ‘big mouse’ won’t help him. 

big mouth

“You must live as if you were meant to live.”

Believed to be ‘big mouse’, Chang-ho gains respect from Jerry, his cellmate who is a fan of ‘big mouse’. Now that his title has changed, the three suspects in Professor Seo’s murder are eager to get Chang-ho.

Meanwhile, Gong Ji-hoon wants him to live as he also wants to retrieve his money from ‘big mouse’. Gong Ji-hoon meets with Prosecutor Choi and confirms that Park Chang-ho is ‘big mouse’. However, the prosecutor still remains loyal to Mayor Choi Do-ha.

Worried for her husband, Mi-ho joins in investigating Chang-ho’s case despite it being dangerous. Beaten up repeatedly for the rumor of being ‘big mouse’, Chang-ho warmly recalls how dependable Mi-ho was in collecting repair costs.

Eager to find out the content of the paper that led to the murder of Professor Seo, Mi-ho applies at Gucheon University Hospital.

Mi-ho has stuck with Chang-ho even after failing many times, and Chang-ho who wishes her unharmed decides to prove his innocence through death.

Confirmed by their room leader, Chang-ho is destined to live a long life. Even though he messed with Chairman Yang and the psychopath in prison, he still lives.

Making the psychopath cry after mentioning his mother, Chang-ho gains more respect.

In one more attempt to die, Chang-ho tries to escape jail, and gets surrounded by the jail guards ready to shoot.

big mouth

Big Mouth Opening Week Musings

Watching the married life of Chang-ho and Mi-ho, one could attest that stability is really essential in a married life. Visually, Im Yoona and Lee Jong Suk aced the vibe of a couple that has known each other for a long time. 

Chang-ho has lived his life morally upright even though he may not be the best lawyer. Though he seems to be competent when he tries, his big promises to his supportive wife are all somehow unattainable.

His involvement with the murder case of Professor Seo has entangled him and his family in a spiraling collapse of his dignity. For now, with what has only been shown, he is convincingly only ‘big mouth’ not ‘big mouse’. 

Having watched dramas that had innocent-looking characters who turn out later to be the mastermind, I believe there could be twists in this series. However, for now,  Chang-ho is innocent, and the search for the real ‘big mouse’ is for us viewers to watch in the next episodes.

As this drama covers crime and the law, the mix of the tone in the storytelling took a good direction since it made it more entertaining to watch. Chang-ho appears to have wanted to die to prove his innocence, but he surely has a long life, which we viewers should look forward to.

big mouth

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