“Big Mouth” Episode 7 Stages Out a Life Risking Betrayal

big mouth

As part of the deal with Ji-hoon, Jerry hands Chang-ho a drink that gets him hospitalized.

Eager to know about Professor Seo’s paper, Dr. Han tells Chang-ho that he’s better off not knowing anything. Mi-ho gets attacked while stuck in the elevator, and Mayor Choi rescues her.

Jerry, who already knows about Chang-ho’s identity, gets released from prison through Ji-hoon’s initiative.

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Big Mouth

Big Mouth Episode 7 Highlights

“No good will come of making an enemy of me.”

Leaving out Dr. Han, Doo-geun and Chae-bong go out of prison with a tracking anklet. Although warned not to remove it, Doo-geun lets one of his men wear it.

As the warden goes out also, he assigns a prison guard to keep an eye on Dr. Han and Chang-ho.

Left in the chapel, Chang-ho asks Chairman Yang to let Dr. Han go, but their men end up fighting as the chairman sticks with Gong Ji-hoon’s order.

Rescuing Dr. Han from the fight, Chang-ho takes his chance in asking about Professor Seo’s paper. However, Dr. Han remains firm in keeping his mouth shut about it and warns Chang-ho as a lot of threatening people are involved in it. 

Going back to the chapel, Chairman Yang tells Chang-ho how it was his first time ever acting as a spy. Reminding of their bet, Chang-ho reassures the chairman of taking care of his men in his stead.

Professor Jang, who has the cross necklace, disappears from her house, and Mi-ho asks her father and Soon-tae to check where she is.

big mouth

“I’ll prove you were wrongfully killed.”

A DNR patient in Mi-ho’s ward dies, and the family of the deceased argues on having the body cremated instead of being buried.

With what she overheard, Mi-ho’s suspicions rise and she sneaks into the morgue to draw blood from the body. However, she gets caught by Joo-hee, but nothing is found in her. 

Coming back for it during her shift, Mi-ho retrieved the blood sample in the morgue. The elevator malfunctions, and she gets attacked inside.

Waiting for the elevator, Mayor Choi saves her from the attacker who gets away. Still with her, Mi-ho brings the blood sample to be analyzed secretly. 

Chang-ho leaves the tarot card in the bible at the confessional. He becomes shocked to see the room leader who enters the other side of the box and relays a message from the warden.

Visiting the confessional again, Chang-ho sees that the card is no longer in the bible. A flashback is shown revealing that the new statue in the chapel has a camera. 

Smuggling a phone hidden in a book, Chang-ho orders Soon-tae to also anonymously donate a new statue in the chapel with an implanted camera. Through the record from the statue, Chang-ho reviews the footage and sees Jerry.

Connecting his realizations about Jerry, Chang-ho confronts him in the bathroom. Clueless with Chang-ho, Jerry confesses he saw the card but did not take it from the bible.

big mouth

“All you did was meet good parents. How dare you act like the masters?”

Reviewing the footage again, Chang-ho notices that the video skips for 30 minutes, disproving his suspicions of Jerry.

Mi-ho calls him about receiving 33 white Chrysanthemum flowers, and a tarot card indicating a warning from ‘big mouse’.

Understanding Chang-ho’s reactions to the tarot card, Jerry discovers that Chang-ho is not the real ‘big mouse’, and calls him out for giving the prisoners false hope. 

In a meeting, Ji-hoon assures Doo-geun and Chae-bong that Prosecutor Choi can now be considered part of their group.  

They get called along with other members of the NR forum by the elder in the theater. There, they watch about the history of Gucheon’s development, and they belittle Mayor Choi for attending yet having no connections.

Ji-hoon’s wife asks about the absence of the NR forum in the film, and the elder reprimands them for just being lucky descendants, implying that he is still the one who chooses the successor.

Marching up to Ji-hoon who still has trouble retrieving his money back, Prosecutor Choi suggests using an electric chair on ‘big mouse’.

big mouth

“I may have stabbed people in the back, but I don’t commit murder.”

Noticing Jerry’s distance from Chang-ho, the room leader asks Jerry about it, and he gets sensitive about being seen as a lackey for Chang-ho.

Jerry’s face brightens up as he receives an unexpected guest and good news from his sister. Set to be released, Jerry discovers that his sponsor is Gong Ji-hoon.

About to pack his things, Jerry hands his cellmates including Chang-ho a drink.

Following Ji-hoon’s order, Jerry knows that the drink will make Chang-ho’s stomach ache, and tells Mi-ho and her father to track the ambulance. 

Mi-ho contacts the hospital she used to work at, and impedes the ambulance’s route to a far hospital. 

Receiving money from Mi-ho who is thankful, Jerry introduces himself to her as Oh Jin-chul.

Hospitalized, a guard sneaks a thumbprint from Chang-ho on a document for bail. This then gets handed to Gong Ji-hoon.

Barred from having visitors, Mi-ho gets to enter the room as a nurse and his wife. 

During his discharge, Chang-ho’s vehicle strays from the route back to the penitentiary. He tries to fight back, but gets tranquilized and brought to the mental center.

big mouth

Big Mouth Episode 7 Musings

Bringing more suspicions about its operations, Gucheon University Hospital appears to be a place that awaits death rather than a place that treats patients. Moreover, the whole organization’s focus does not limit itself to healthcare. 

Calling out the arrogance of the NR forum for having connections, the elder has a point on just being lucky to have powerful parents. However, he still seems to be somewhere in the middle of the perplexing happenings in Gucheon. 

Like Chang-ho in this episode, more doubts about the people around him arise as new hints are given on who ‘big mouse’ is. Every episode urges viewers to think about the clues dropped.

Tracing back in the footage Chang-ho reviewed, 30 minutes has been edited out, and he notes that only four of them know about the hidden camera in the statue. 

This just then brings another question on whether it is one of them or someone who truly came across the camera.

big mouth

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