Yoon Park Confronts Kim Dong Wook About Their Childhood In “You Are My Spring” Episode 11

you are my spring

A dead woman was found in Ian Chase’s house making him a murder suspect in the 11th episode of You Are My Spring.

Meanwhile, Da-jung and Young-do kept their relationship hidden from their friends while doing the best they can to go on dates.

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You Are My Spring Episode 11 Key Moments

“A shadow shouldn’t covet the light, because it’ll vanish.”

Opening the episode, when Ian saw the bloody body lying on the floor of his home, he immediately called detective Jin-Bok to report what happened.

you are my spring

Detective Jin-Bok asks several questions for Ian and carefully assessed his answers knowing his connection with Jung-Min.

After their talk, Ian, asks Jin-Bok if he can talk to Young-do.

“People who resort to violence because they were consumed by rage or intoxicated with alcohol realize once their rage or the alcohol wears off, that the person they wanted to hurt was themselves.”

These were the words that Ian remembered most on the dissertation paper of Young-do. Ian seems not convinced about the way Young-do thinks.

“I was there, and so were you.”

During their talk, Ian confirms that he knows Young-do because they met during their childhood in an orphanage.

This was the most difficult time for Ian because he doesn’t know where his twin is and he doesn’t even have a name.

“To have the right to talk about helping people now, you shouldn’t have looked at me through the mirror like that. And you shouldn’t have just left after seeing me like that.”

Time passes by, and Young-do has a memory of seeing a teenage boy in a bathroom, washing his clothes with blood.

Ian confirms that he saw Young-do that day, and he doesn’t have the right to talk about helping when he didn’t even help Ian that day.

you are my spring

“The moment you label each other, the relationship starts getting old because of obligations.”

Meanwhile, Da-jung, Eun-Ha, and Ga-young had a girls’ talk on their usual spot and talks about relationships.

you are my spring

Suddenly, Da-jung’s phone rings and she smiles like crazy. Eun-Ha and Ga-young look at each other with meaningful looks.

Da-jung said that it is a guest from their hotel, but the two girls say that Da-jung is not good at acting.

When Da-jung answers the phone, Young-do also smiles sweetly. Young-do asks her if she wants to have dinner together and Da-jung sweetly accepts the invitation.

you are my spring

 “You seem to be the one feeling uncomfortable here.”

Funny as it seems, Da-jung and Young-do can’t find a decent restaurant where they can eat.

Every restaurant is full and if not, it is closed. That’s why Young-do offers his home to Da-jung and just eats there instead.

you are my spring

Young-do does his best to entertain Da-jung, but she feels that Young-do is uneasy and tense.

Added to the nervousness is when Seung-Won went to Young-do’s house. Da-jung and Young-do have no choice but to hide in a room. They are worried that Seung-Wom, might misunderstand.

“That’s when I realized, Mom was scared her whole life that he might come looking for us.”

Later on, Tae-Jung (Da-jung’s brother), goes to his sister to inform her that their father passed away.

Tae-jung admits that he met their father when he was in high school and ran away because he’s scared that their father would come looking for them.

Moreover, Da-jung and Tae-jung went to Gangneung to visit their mother and realize that their mother went through struggles to protect them.

you are my spring

“I’ll be leaving eventually, but this one minute is just for you. No one will take it from you and it won’t disappear either. It’s a one-minute eternity just for you.”

Ending the episode, Young-do drinks his pills and checks his temperature. The morning after, he drives to go to the hospital. However, he suddenly coughs and has trouble breathing.

Gasping for air, he went out of his car and walks along the road. 

You Are My Spring Episode 11 Musings

This episode makes me happy, interested, and sad at the same time. Ian’s confession to Young-do that they met during their childhood may be a step ahead to know his secret.

Somehow, I pitied Ian to the things he went through when he was still a kid. Childhood has lots to say about how an individual would grow up.

Knowing Ian’s experiences, he became the way he is now because of those moments in his life. I can’t say as of now that he is a murderer, maybe in the later episodes, we can understand more of him.

you are my spring

Meanwhile, I was so happy that Young-do and Da-jung went on dates. I was just hoping that they would tell their relationship to their close friends, and I believe that they would support them.

At the end of the episode, I was just so worried about Young-do’s health. I hope that his heart is healthy because I can anticipate that when he got sick, Da-jung would become sad.

you are my spring

I am hoping for a happy ending since they both deserve it.

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