K-Drama Review: “Hellbound” Unfolds A Mysterious And Terrifying World


From the fear of death to the fear of life, Hellbound instills “fear” with uncanny horrifying creatures and fanatical religious groups that test one’s belief. 

Climbing up to Netflix’s Global Top 10 list, Hellbound continues to heighten curiosity with its compelling, deep, and forboding narrative.

  • Main Cast: Yoo Ah In | Kim Hyun Joo | Yang Ik Jun | Park Jung Min | Won Ji Ah |
  • Supporting Cast: Ryu Kyung Soo | Kim Do Yoon | Lee Dong Hee | Kim Shin Rok | Lee Re | 
  • Streaming Site: Netflix
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  • K-Dramas of Similar Vibe: Save Me | Sweet Home | Dark Hole |

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Hellbound Quick Plot Recap *Spoilers Alert

Receiving a decree and waiting for his time, the New Truth’s founder and leader, Jung Jin Soo (Yoo Ah In), preached about it to many. The “sinners” are visited by an “angel” that tells their day and time of death. 

Three otherworldly beasts will appear on their condemnation and let the “sinner” experience “hell” before turning them into ashes. These demonstrations attracted new members in the New Truth and Arrowhead to avoid receiving a decree. 

The attorney of the victims of the decree and the groups, Min Hye Jin (Kim Hyun Joo), continues to reveal the truth even after her near-death experience years ago. She then found an unthinkable decree gotten by a “sinner” that can unveil the truth and expose the agenda of these groups.

Hellbound Series Peak Points 

Yeon Sang Ho’s Edge-Of-The-Seat Experience

The award-winning director and screenwriter Yeon Sang Ho continue to produce terrifying crafts similar to what we felt in watching Train To Busan, Peninsula, and more. His unparalleled ideas for these genres always exceed our expectations. 

Furthermore, the design of the three creatures lets you “see” and experience hell only by watching them. Despite that, viewers can’t still predict and understand whether they are sent by God or from a mysterious demonic entity.

Powerhouse Casting 

The cast lineup of the series proved that they are the bread and butter that understand what Yeon Sang Ho envisions Hellbound to be. We also now understand why the director “had Yoo Ah In in mind from the beginning.” 

From his previous apocalyptic role in #Alive, the actor shows that he is indeed a human chameleon as he perfectly portrays the mysterious and disturbing character of Jung Jin Soo. On the other hand, actress Kim Hyun Joo flawlessly performed the character development of Min Hye Jin. 

Other lead roles played by Yang Ik Jun, Park Jung Min, and Won Jin Ah fit perfectly with their characters and convey messages through their stories. Additionally, the supporting cast never fails to amaze us and performed vital characters that fuel this fiery series.


A Gory Narrative Not For The Faint-Hearted

Set in a supernatural premise with brutal condemnation, viewers should decide whether to watch this terrifying series or not. Even though there are many dialogues throughout the episodes, the demonstrations are brutal and should be watched with guidance by younger viewers. 

Hinting us with its title, Hellbound really lets its audiences watch how “sinners” are punished. From the beginning until the end, it intends to let viewers experience doubt and despair and a heart-racing adventure.  

Hellbound Series Musings

With the release of the series, many compare Hellbound with the recent hit series Squid Game. After I watched this series, I only recommend it to those viewers with a deep understanding and appreciation of uniquely conceived dramas or films. 

Even though the series is not everyone’s cup of tea, I enjoyed watching and experiencing thrilling genres. The cast is indeed spot-on with their portrayal. Different stories and characters are introduced over the six episodes as the weaving of the message culminates.

In addition, the cliffhanger in the last episode signifies that the series will be having a second season. And with what has been shown, let’s hope and be excited about unveiling the mysterious decree. 

From the patterns and storyline of the series, we also expect that there are more characters and actors added that will surprise the viewers. Let’s commend Director Yeon Sang Ho for creating and treating us to another unrivaled series. 

Dive into the terrifying and welcome the “new world” of Hellbound on Netflix!

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