K-Drama Review: “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Parades Remarkable Progressive Characters in a Historical Drama

under the queen's umbrella

Though backward in time, Under The Queen’s Umbrella guarantees a relevant take on today’s social issues.

Wickedness has no place in a palace where the Queen recognizes what’s right and just. Even amongst family, one’s wrong ought to be corrected. In a world where past events cannot be changed, the truth shall always prevail.

  • Main Cast: Kim Hye Soo | Kim Hae Sook | Choi Won Young | Kim Eui Sung | Moon Sang Min | Ok Ja Yeon | Chani
  • Supporting Cast: Yoon Sang Hyeon | Yoo Sun Ho | Park Ha Jun | Oh Ye Ju | Jeon Hye Won | Park Joon Myun
  • Streaming Site: Netflix
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Under The Queen’s Umbrella Finale Highlights

“If you do not put out the ember now, it will come back to you as a big fire.”

Court officials request the execution of those who colluded in the rebellion, but the King remains hesitant even at his mother’s pressure. He remains torn to reveal the truth since it could discredit his enthronement’s legitimacy and undermine his achievements as a king.

Queen Hwa-ryeong informs deposed Queen Yoon about Yi Ik-hyeon’s death and his surviving son, Prince Ui-seong. Using the favor the Queen owes her, deposed Queen Yoon asks her to let the prince live.

Pressuring the Queen, the Queen Dowager reveals Prince Mu-an’s hidden daughter, but the Queen defends her son and receives permission for breaking the tradition. Retaliating, the Queen calls Royal Physician Song who confesses about the Dowager’s intention to harm the fetus inside the Crown Princess.

The Queen persuades the King to reveal the truth about the deaths of the crown princes using the existing evidence and testimony of Yoo Sang-uk. Informing his mother of his plans, the King admits to her he witnessed everything.

under the queen's umbrella

“However, we also cannot let the past hold us back like this. We cannot let this tragedy repeat itself.”

Despite the pleas to reconsider his decisions, the King reveals the truth of the deaths of the past crown princes and reinstates those who were wronged. The Queen Dowager receives punishment, but Court Lady Nam sees she already took her own life.

Yoo Sang-uk clarifies to Prince Seong-nam that he respects his profession as a physician, and never intended nor done harm to his brother.

Prince Seong-nam fulfills the wishes Cheong-ha has written. Other princes continue their lives outside the palace, fulfilling their roles as family men. Meanwhile, Prince Ui-seong takes care of his mother in a meek life.

The Queen brings the Crown Princess to hyewolgak to take part in the Queen’s initiative to protect women. Prince Gye-seong leaves the palace and bids farewell to his brothers as permitted by the Queen.

As usual, the Queen runs after hearing Il-yeong is on the roof attempting to fly again. Now walking while the rain begins to pour, Prince Seong-nam holds an umbrella for her.

under the queen's umbrella

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Quick Plot Recap

With the death of the crown prince (Bae In Hyuk), Queen Hwa-ryeong (Kim Hye Soo) prepares her troublemaker sons to become princes worthy of taking over the throne.

Showing disapproval of the Queen’s sons, the Queen Dowager (Kim Hae Sook) interferes in the selection of the cohort and crown prince. However, the King (Choi Won Young) does his best for the contest to result in fairness.

Hailed as the new crown prince, Prince Seong-nam (Moon Sang Min) matures up and helps the Queen in unveiling the truth of the late crown prince’s death.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Series Peak Points

Progressive Ideas in the Historical Period

Queen Hwa-ryeong embodies the boldness and progressiveness that a queen should have. Not only does she serve to protect and fight for women’s rights, but she is also an accepting mother to her sons’ identities.

Prince Gye-seong’s story provides comforting messages while Prince Mu-an’s sudden parenthood serves as a reminder of taking responsibility for one’s actions. As a mother to both her sons and the kingdom, Queen Hwa-ryeong guides viewers on how to properly handle what others deem as taboo. 

under the queen's umbrella

Heartwarming Brotherhood

Various personalities are offered in this series given the numerous sons the King has. Despite their ordeals in life, a bond among brothers with different mothers creates a comforting and warm atmosphere.

Surrounded by adults who pressure them to do their best inside the palace, each prince still maintains their youthfulness and experience what people their age do.

under the queen's umbrella

Distinctive Character Depth

Having plenty of characters in the story, each character can still be distinguished from another as they’re written well. The stories behind each character stick to them well and capture the interest of viewers through intriguing revelations as the plot progresses.

under the queen's umbrella

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Series Musings

Based on the decision of the King by the end, he chooses to reveal the truth and have a clean slate. This is indeed much better than faking a clean record just to be congruent to one’s achievements while in power.

A lot of life lessons can be absorbed throughout the series, and most of it is relevant to the present times. Though the first parts of the series may be mellow, the plot picked up its pace by the middle to the near end.

under the queen's umbrella

There were a lot of intriguing details about the characters scattered throughout the drama’s run. What’s special about this drama is its blend of an ordinary historical piece with progressive messages. Ideas that emphasize not repeating history or being stuck to it can be realized throughout.

Moreover, each character’s sketch boosts the interest of viewers. The balance between the perspective of adults and children also creates a vibrant energy, which makes the show appealing to watch.

Under the Queen's Umbrella

Other than the story of greed, Under The Queen’s Umbrella prides characters who have notable development as parents and adults in a kingdom that acknowledges that change is bound to happen. Overall, the drama outstandingly teaches its viewers that tragedy shall never repeat itself and unprecedented events shall be welcomed with no prejudice for the advancement of the next generations.

under the queen's umbrella

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