K-Drama Review: “Taxi Driver” Excitingly Drifts To Unconventional Justice-Serving Story That Gratifies

taxi driver

Consistently enthralling, SBS drama Taxi Driver featured merciless villains who wreak havoc sparingly while the heroes fought them valiantly!

Taking the 16-episode ride of Taxi Driver was a satisfying feat. Well-contrived and stellarly-portrayed, the series ensured that its side stories are relevant and the big picture was properly concluded.

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Taxi Driver

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Taxi Driver Quick Plot Recap

A team of employees in a deluxe taxi company helps exploited victims seek revenge on their offenders. Orchestrating their vengeance plans is Jang Sung-chul (Kim Eui Sung) with Kim Do-ki (Lee Je Hoon) anchoring the execution of their payback-driven plans. Rounding up the team are hacker Ahn Go Eun (Pyo Ye Jin) and engineers Choi Kyung-koo (Jang Hyuk Jin) and Park Jin-eon (Bae Yoo Ram).

Once they claim vengeance for the victims of the lawbreakers, they bring them to Baek Sung Mi (Cha Ji Yeon) to be imprisoned. Behind Team Rainbow’s back, she hides the organ trafficking she runs serving VIP customers.

When Jang Sung Chul learned that Sung-mi did not commit to the end of her bargain, he severed ties with her.  However, it escalated to a level that involved the police and the prosecutors and caused irreversible trauma to the criminals who were jailed like animals by Sung-mi and Sung-chul.

Uncovering the involvement of Rainbow Taxi Revenge Service team, Prosecutor Kang Ha Na (Esom) whose cases got entangled to the activities of the group is torn on the best decision. Being a vanguard of justice, she has empathized with the vision of Kim Do Ki and his team.

So when a psychopath claimed to have committed the murders of cases that were served wrongly to innocent people, Do-ki who is resigned to accept the punishment of his wrongdoings, commits to one last mission from a man who unfairly served jail time for 20 years.

Unable to give punishment to the true perpetrator because of the statute of limitation, he asked the Rainbow Taxi Revenge Service team for help.

Taxi Driver Peak Points

Nicely-driven & Exciting Narrative

Taxi Driver is the perfect example of presenting exaggerated bravado that makes sense. Choosing a relatable situation, amplifying the wickedness of the villains, and bestowing the right amount of justice seem to be the signature trademark of the series. Interestingly, it does not bore viewers and drives a hook to anticipate more of what it can offer.

Drawing engrossing scenarios to each presented story, the series has delved into common crimes that are prevalent in society. It ponders on how wicked humans can evolve because of power, greed, and money. Those are highlighted in the episodes such as voice phishing, abusive employers, and school bullying.

Concocted with a polished thrill, this drama utilized all the running minutes with essential preparatory and big moments evading the usual unnecessary fillers. Thanks to that, even a picky viewer would be drawn to support the missions of the team

Excellent Cast Synergy

Lee Je Hoon suiting up to various personas as the executor of the team’s plan in exacting revenge proves his ever-growing depth as an actor. He complements the equally spectacular performance of she-villain Baek Sung Mi.

Taxi Driver never missed a beat owing to the polished rendering of side stories which exploded to the perfect recall of the story’s message – of how there are still people who are willing to protect the weak and powerless out of kindness and genuine empathy. These scenes were realized through the convincing and unfeigned depictions of the lead and supporting cast.

Considering a lot of characters entered and left the story, viewers will not feel overwhelmed about it. It’s futile to pick the character who stood out the most because everyone from small to big parts delivered.

Taxi Driver Series Musings

Expertly constructed, Taxi Driver assimilated the individual stories of the lead cast to merge in its overall message. While presenting the unavoidable chasm of how the justice system struggles on serving its purpose, it expounds that doing a bypass of the process can be justified.

Rainbow Taxi Revenge Service aspires to make a difference for people neglected by the justice system. Surely, it is noble advocacy and admirable intention, but the path and repercussion are unpredictable and can affect innocent people.

In the finale episode, they confront the reality of another error in the justice system when the culprits to their loved one’s deaths were revealed to be not what the prosecution indicted, but a psychopath serving prison time.

By not forcing a vengeance scheme, they ultimately liberate themselves from the inner rage that can’t be quelled in the manner they used to do for their clients. The acceptance of their dignified gesture, at the end of the day, still breaks the law. It defeats the purpose of their intended outlook.

Taxi Driver

To Forgive or To Avenge?

In concluding the story with a happy ending for the heroes, I feel like the writer purported a point that when the law system missed its job, we can all strive to be human enough to help and protect each other. Tolerating atrocities should never have a place in our hearts and asking for help should not be seen as a weakness.

Deceptively fierce but deeply satisfying, Taxi Driver went on expressing that being kind didn’t mean forgiving the people who caused us pain. Its dark tone remained firm in its message that people have varied ways of accepting closures. While some can let go of grievances, others need to return the same anguish they experienced.

In the end, this series gives us a lingering question. If we go through the same unfair and inhumane ordeal, would we call Rainbow Taxi Revenge Service to return the same agony?

Don’t miss the enthralling adventures of this unique and gutsy team of justice-serving heroes on Taxi Driver. International fans can watch it on Netflix and Viu!

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