K-Drama Review: “My Liberation Notes” Reassures Redemption To Those Who Are Weary

my liberation notes

Life is indeed tiring, and My Liberation Notes captured that feeling with much empathy. 

Silence speaks thousands of words and can communicate a lot of thoughts. To those who feel exhausted like the characters, the series reassures that liberation, although not instant, is open to all.

  • Main Cast: Lee Min Ki | Kim Ji Won | Son Seok Koo | Lee El
  • Supporting Cast: Lee Ki Woo | Chun Ho Jin | Jeon Hye Jin | Lee Kyung Sung  
  • Streaming Site: Netflix
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Episode Recaps: 01 & 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | Finale + Review

my liberation notes

My Liberation Notes Finale Highlights

“If you think you would be fine living on your own, just do that. It’s okay for you to do that.”

The liberation club reunites and assesses their progress towards their own liberation ever since they stopped. Park Sang-min asks for their permission on publishing their liberation notes. 

With the prompting of his boss, Gu visits and warns Hyeon about their bar’s revenue in the gambling den. 

While drinking in the car, Gu hears a ringing phone, and realizes he is hallucinating.

Talking with Mi-jeong, Gu opens up about people in the past coming back to him when sober, and only disappearing when he drinks.

Sharing how Gu is like a sanctuary, Mi-jeong finds it easier to blame her ex for not paying her back. 

Back to Sanpo for their father’s birthday, Chang-hee keeps his silence about his business that went under to his friends.

Eating together, Mr. Yeom commends his children for being better at taking care of themselves. 

“So, whether you’re alive or dead, you’re never prepared for your last journey.” 

As Chang-hee gets asked when he’ll come back again, he recalls the crucial day for his business, when he chose to stay by Hyeok-su’s side when he was dying alone in the hospital without Hyeon-a or his mother.

Meeting Hyeon-a in her new workplace, Hyeon-a promises Chang-hee that she’ll visit the convenience store on the weekend.

Tae-hoon explains his reaction to Gi-jeong’s pregnancy test, and Gi-jeong reassures him that she’ll be the man.

In the line for withdrawal, Mi-jeong clarifies to the lady in front of his ex that it was his bag, not his hand that kept swiping her behind. Waiting outside, Mi-jeong’s ex apologizes for dragging it for long and pledges on sending her one million Won.

Tae-hoon comes by Gi-jeong’s house drunk and gives her a stem of a rose. Gi-jeong then goes out to pick up the rose flower.

Chang-hee intends to attend a lecture about mountains and ends up in a room for deathcare and funerals. He laughs at his situation and stays in the room.

Sang-min invites everyone to restart the liberation club, and all members agree with the idea.

Gu and Sam-sik come to collect money from Hyeon, but they get into a fight with another group. Hyeon runs away with the money, and Sam-sik is left passed out. 

Gu leaves a voice call to him in the morning, saying he’ll open his arms wide for his return.

A series of good things happen to him in the morning, making him leave his alcohol behind. Waiting for Gu to come, Mi-jeong states that she feels so lovable, and there’s nothing but love in her heart.

my liberation notes

My Liberation Notes Quick Plot Recap

Working in Seoul while living in the countryside, Sanpo, three siblings find an escape from their mundane life. Eldest of the three, Yeom Gi-jeong (Lee El), and her two younger siblings Yeom Chang-hee (Lee Min Ki) and Yeom Mi-Jeong (Kim Ji Won) all commute together going back home. 

In their hometown, a mysterious man named Gu (Son Seok Koo) works for their father in the fields and the warehouse. Unbothered by the fact that Gu communicates with minimal words and drinks all day long, Mi-jeong approaches him for a favor. 

Beginning to open up and do things together, Mi-jeong and Gu become closer. Gu and Mi-jeong along with her two siblings witness a gradual change in their lives pointed toward the liberation they hope for. 

My Liberation Notes Series Peak Points

Realistic Depiction of Life with No Filters

Presenting the raw picture of life with no filters, viewers get to see the bare face of life. It truly showed that life is not full of joy or exciting days.  

Although it may be hard to accept, hard work and effort can be crushed by people in higher positions. The series wins in mimicking the reality of life, which is not full of thrills.

However, even with that, you’d still be able to appreciate the silence and beauty of it, propelling you to think and reflect about life in general.

my liberation notes

Gu and the Yeom Siblings

Arriving in the countryside, Gu’s everyday life working under Mr. Yeom was mysterious at first. However, as Mi-jeong approaches him with a request of being worshipped, everything begins to change.

Chang-hee, who begins to be drawn toward Gu, makes efforts to become closer to him. He greatly respects Gu and gets the chance to drive his dream car. 

Other than that, Gi-jeong and Chang-hee’s interactions as siblings bring comedic value to some episodes. Events become livelier along with the changing companionship of Gu and Mi-jeong.

my liberation notes

Non-Romanticized Idea of Liberation

Each character in the story has a situation they want to be liberated from. Although it may have appeared static living their everyday life, things begin to change as they see life from another perspective.

In their individual lives, Gu, the Yeom siblings, and the liberation club were able to face their problems and issues upfront. They had their own ideal visions, but in the long run, although they weren’t able to meet them, they were still able to appreciate where they have become.

Liberation, as presented in the series, is not a grand movement. It’s not sweet or even instant, instead, it takes a long process. Sometimes, appreciating the simple moments of joy in the day can keep you going.

my liberation notes

My Liberation Notes Series Musings

At the beginning of this series, it may be confusing since the characters communicate with minimal words. However, it gets better as it progresses.

The bonds and relationships of the characters, especially the chemistry between Gu and Mi-jeong, can secretly creep into your heart, not knowing you already feel attached to seeing them weekly.

Sometimes the tone of the scenes may be serious, but there were still notable comedic moments, especially during Gi-jeong and Chang-hee’s interactions. The sibling interactions in the series are one of the things you could enjoy.

my liberation notes

Moreover, it has also empathized deeply with the sentiments of various types of people working in the office and a cold city. Its realism and relatability can exceed viewers’ expectations.

With how the series ended, we could say there were enough visible changes from their initial lives. Although the ending was not the way I expected it to be, the message of the creators of this series about liberation still came across. 

my liberation notes

Liberation as a Process

In the end, liberation is not like a fairytale ending where everything and everyone attain their ideal self, right away. The series was clear enough on showing that there would definitely be times you’d cry and feel empty, but there is an end to all of that.

Liberation, though not instant, can still be achieved in the long run. In reflecting on what life throws at us, we realize where we ought to be. 

my liberation notes

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